LFM specialists: Photovoltaic solar with SiL

LFM specialists: Photovoltaic solar with SiL
LFM specialists: Photovoltaic solar with SiL

Mathieu Exhenry, the programmer of Morges-Sous-Rire came to present in 6/9 the complete program of the 2024 edition of the Morges festival. Solo, duo, trio and set shows make up the majority of the program bringing together more than forty artists and no less than 28 performances taking place from June 9 to 15.

After a preview on March 16 with the show “Himself” by Gad Elmaleh, the event will begin on June 9 with Jessie Kobel at the helm of the Sunday Brunch at the Cube. Different artists will follow one another on the stage such as: Tiziano Avola, Eric Constantin, Tamara Cesar, Laurent Arnoult, Freddy Tougaux, Lord Betterave or Nathalie Devantay.

Still on the Cube stage, in the building opposite the Théâtre de Beausobre, will also perform the trio composed of: Thierry Meury, Laurent Flütch and Capucine Lhemanne, as well as standuppers, such as Charles Nouveau, Aurélia Decker and for their only ones in scenes Thibaud Agoston and Laura Chaignat. As for the Open Stage evening, it will reveal one of the 5 emerging Swiss comedians.

The two Tiktokers Elena Nagapetyan and Nicolas Lacroix will also be highlighted. Canadian artists will be represented with an offbeat show with Charles Deschamps, Stéphane Fallu and Nic Audet, before the Cube curtain comes down for an X moment on Saturday evening. An evening reserved for adults.

The theater stage will receive, for its part: a unique gala entitled “Le bon soir” presented by Forma and Blaise Bersinger. Among the expected headliners: Jarry, Michel Boujenah, Joseph Gorgoni, Caroline Vigneaux, Marianne James, Guillermo Guiz, GuiHome, Waly Dia, as well as Brigitte Rosset and Marc Donnet-Monay.

Nestled on the football field, the new open-air stage, La Paille, will focus on performances by artists with very different forms of humor. Douilly, will be part of it as well as an improvisation series with the Impro Lab and the exclusive creation of the Roast Battle, in the pure American tradition. With the show Humor, Glory and Beauty, Sandrine Viglino, Forma and Nathalie Devanthay will complete the poster.

Finally, Morges-sous-Rire is also Côté jardin with its open air stage and free concerts. Behind the scenes that we will show you with Sylvain Lavey’s guests on 16/19 from Monday to Friday.

More information: morges-sous-rire.ch

Meet Mathieu Exhenry who came to present the 2024 edition in detail:

36th Morges-sous-Rire with Mathieu Exhenry



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