Homelander managed to make my heart hurt! I saw episode 4 of The Boys and season 4 is really starting, it had everything we love about the series

Homelander managed to make my heart hurt! I saw episode 4 of The Boys and season 4 is really starting, it had everything we love about the series
Homelander managed to make my heart hurt! I saw episode 4 of The Boys and season 4 is really starting, it had everything we love about the series

This Thursday, the fourth season of The Boys expands with a new episode. After today’s outing, we move into the second half of the season and episode 4 offered us everything we loved about the series to mark a turning point which bodes well for many twists and turns. He even managed to make me feel compassion for Homelander by revealing pieces of his past to us. This episode was really worth it, and I’m telling you about it but I advise you to be up to date before reading the rest!

Last Thursday, Amazon Prime Video rolled out the red carpet for the launch of the fourth season of The Boys. For this highly anticipated return, almost two years after season 3, we had the pleasure of discovering no less than three episodes. Following this broadcast, we shared with you our first feedback on this third of the season who, as usual, did not skimp on the very dirty scenes. So to speak, we devoured these three episodes and we couldn’t wait to continue, this time at the rate of one episode per week, and we were not disappointed, this Thursday, to watch episode 4. We talk about it now!

Everything we love in a single episode, season 4 of The Boys is really underway!

In recent days, critics have not been particularly kind, giving it the worst recommendation score since the series debut in 2019. On the site Rotten Tomatoesthe public judged that it was worth no more than 48%, which contrasts enormously with the 95% awarded by critics linked to the press. However, this poor reception could well give way to much more cheerful impressions as this fourth episode brings together everything we love about The Boys : a Homelander who creates real moments of tension, very gory scenes, bloody fights, a satire which does not hesitate to tackle the subjects of the moment, subplots which progress and which create new twists and turns! In short, all this promises us a much more exhilarating second half of the season, especially since all the issues of this season seem to have finally been posed.

I will of course let you discover everything that will reshuffle the cards for the rest of this penultimate but I can tell you that we had the right here to great The Boys. Special mention to the media struggle waged by the camp of the Seven and the Patriots and that of Butcher and Annie (Starlight), accompanied by the “Stellactivists”. Indeed, this war of image, which I had already pointed out during the first three episodes, redoubles in intensity and shows us that every move is good to blackmail the other side. Politics, manipulations, gossip, sauces and other pirouettes to turn a situation to one’s advantage… All sprinkled with the satire that we know and the usual snubs of the series, which means that we find ourselves spending a very often comical moment. In short, the series repeats all its clichés and it works, in particular because the rhythm of this episode is rather well managed and the show slips in, in passing, some references to Gen V. However, the highlight of the show is really Antony Starr’s performance as Homelander.

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Homelander, a psychopath for whom we can have compassion: an episode 4 that hits the mark

Erik Kripke, the showrunner of the series, teased us all week about Antony Starr’s performance for which he was full of praise. If he still oversold the few passages in question a little, I must say that I missed not seeing a Homelander who was both so serene and so Machiavellian. As the third episode suggested, the leader of the Seven intended to return to where it all began in this episode, promising us to uncover the secrets of his somewhat traumatic past. Already very destabilized since the start of the season, I was waiting to see what he would be able to do to regain his senses and, as usual, it gave rise to particularly striking scenes.. In this episode, Homelander takes the bull by the horns and embarks on his own therapy to atone for his old demons that no longer allow him to think clearly.

We’ve known for several seasons that Homelander is one of the biggest psychopaths on television, by far! However, this episode managed to make me feel compassion, which was not a foregone conclusion.. By returning to the atrocities and humiliations he suffered, from his birth until his 16th birthday, the day he truly became “Homelander”, we are shown another side of the character. Ultimately, the series shows us that he has not lost all humanity as the neuroses that consume him are deeply human. The series repeats it constantly, but he’s a superhero that we shaped from A to Z, going so far as to remove his own first name, which he ended up accepting. So to better free himself from this influence, from this irrepressible need to be accepted and to be loved by others – even if it meant enduring the worst traumas during his young years – he decided to take action with Homelander all spat: it’s gory, it’s petty, it’s pathetic, it’s horrible, it’s creepy but, through all that, there is a form of compassion in this revenge. In short, an anti-hero that we want to understand, and that’s why I find that The Boys (and episode 4) is so good.

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