Pascal Praud’s moving editorial in tribute to Anouk Aimée

Pascal Praud pays tribute to Anouk Aimée
CNews screen capture

VIDEO – The CNews journalist left busy political news for a few minutes to declare his love and admiration for the actress.A man and a womandied at the age of 92.

“I don’t listen to these musical notes without thinking of the Sunday evening film on TF1 when it came and went in the 1970s. A man and a woman by Claude Lelouche. This is how “L’heure des Pros” begins this Monday, June 18 while the music from the film composed by Francis Lai plays in the background. There is even the sound of seagulls on the CNews set.

Anouk Aimée died at the age of 92, announced the actress’s daughter. “I hadn’t seen the film when it came out, I was 2 years old, I discovered it on television. For a long time I had in my college and student room the poster of the film with these photos and these faces which tell the story of these 90 minutes between Monte-Carlo, Deauville and Saint-Lazare station.confesses Pascal Praud.

I swear to you that I wish I could only talk about that.

Pascal Praud in “L’heure des pros”

The journalist then proves his passion for the cult film by Claude Lelouche made in 1966: “Her name was Anne Gauthier, his name was Jean-Louis Duroc. They were driving at full speed in a white Mustang with the number 184 on the doors. Since 1 plus 8 plus 4 equals 13. The lucky number of a cinema genius who remains inconsolable this evening.. The filmmaker was earlier in the day at the RTL microphone to talk about his memories with the actress. “When Anouk Aimée comes into my life, she changes my life. We called each other three, four, five times a day.”he confided in “RTL Midi”.

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On the news channel, Pascal Praud continues his declaration of love: “Jean-Louis Trintignant is dead. Anouk Aimée is dead. What remains of our loves ? A few Cha ba da ba da, a beach, a dog running, children playing on the sand in winter and above all the charm, grace, elegance forever recorded on film. This evening, for the hundredth time, I will wait for Anne Gauthier on a station platform and before the sandman passes, I will look once again A man and a woman». The music stops. The emotion of the journalist during his tribute is sincere. His columnists wait with respect for him to speak to them.

“It feels good. What if we just talked about that tonight?”asks Jérôme Béglé. “It’s true, but I swear to you that I would like to only talk about that in fact”, replies Pascal Praud before returning, inevitably, to the busy French political news. It was a nice interlude.

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