Stéphanelle’s failure in the spotlight

Stéphanelle’s failure in the spotlight
Stéphanelle’s failure in the spotlight

Credit: Stéphanelle’s Instagram

On June 15, Canal+ launched the first edition of “Secret Story Afrique”, a French-speaking African version of the reality TV game very famous in France. Fifteen candidates from fourteen African countries found themselves locked in a villa in Johannesburg for eight weeks of intense competition. The goal is to discover the secrets of the other participants while keeping their own. However, the initial enthusiasm was quickly tarnished by the performance considered mediocre by the Cameroonian presenter Stéphanelle.

The public expected a lot from this adaptation and hoped for a show that lived up to the original French version.

Virulent criticism against Stéphanelle

From the first episode, Stéphanelle’s performance sparked strong criticism from viewers and journalists. Kelly John, a Cameroonian journalist, did not mince his words: “ Stéphanelle in the role of host gave a poor performance. A reality TV show of this ilk deserves great preparation in public speaking. »

Internet users were not more kind. Many comments on social media highlighted her lack of preparation and limited vocabulary, going so far as to suggest that she would have been better as a participant rather than a presenter.

A presentation deemed “incompetent”

The criticism did not stop there. Camille Makosso, an Ivorian influencer, also expressed his dissatisfaction in a video posted on his Facebook page: “ You suck, and when you suck, you shut up! We keep quiet, we listen to the criticism, we take the comments, then we try to improve. Humility is very important!“. Makosso insisted that humility is essential to progress and criticized Stéphanelle for her arrogance in the face of criticism.

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Will there be any repercussions for the show?

Criticism of Stéphanelle poses a crucial question: could her perceived incompetence harm the success of “Secret Story Africa”? Anna Kouadio Zamblé, production director, however, assured that the show would be adapted to the sensitivities of African viewers, avoiding vulgarity and emphasizing the intrigues and relationships between the candidates.

However, the impact of poor presentation should not be underestimated. Viewers expect a certain level of professionalism, especially for a show of this scale. The choice of Stéphanelle, finalist of “The Bachelor Africa”, seems to have been a casting error according to many observers.

A program with an uncertain future

Stéphanelle reacted to the criticism by affirming her desire not to let herself be defeated. She highlighted her background and her ambitions, but her statements only fueled further criticism. Cameroonian influencer Emma Lohoues even suggested that Stéphanelle’s choice was a matter of cost, saying: “ The cheapest is expensive

This situation leaves the producers facing a dilemma: persist with Stéphanelle in the hope of rapid improvement, or opt for a change of presenter to save the show.

A lesson for the world of reality TV

Secret Story Africa » was intended to be a springboard for young candidates and a new adventure for African viewers. However, the show’s chaotic start shows how important it is to choose competent and well-prepared presenters.

If Stéphanelle wants to reverse the trend, she will have to demonstrate significant improvement in the next episodes. In the meantime, the show remains in the spotlight, and only viewers will decide its future.



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