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Antony Speciale

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June 18, 2024 at 12:19 a.m.

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Imminent kick-off for the new edition of the Constellations festival in Metz (Moselle).

This year, the event will take place from Thursday June 20 to Saturday August 31, 2024. As every year, a press visit is organized with the aim of introducing the works of the different courses.

On the evening of Monday June 17, it was therefore possible to discover the route Digital stones. Here is some of the works that you will be able to see during Constellations.

Black Out in VariationsComedy Square

Under the dome installed near the ephemeral garden of the Comedy Squarea work entitled Black Out in Variations was presented.

This combines both a visual projection on the walls of the dome and a theatrical performance by the collective of artists Collective 804.

Black Out in Variationsunder the dome of the Place de la Comédie. (©Antony Speciale/Lorraine Actu)
Videos: currently on Actu

Beanstalk ShootRécollets cloister

The visit then took us to the Récollets cloisterone of the places visited for the first time for this edition.

An illuminated bean stands a few meters from the entrance to the cloister. The work, titled Beanstalk Shootis presented by Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas.

Beanstalk Shootat the Récollets cloister. (©Antony Speciale/Lorraine Actu)

Etherfixed projection on Place Sainte-Croix, Place Saint-Louis and Rue Coislin

On the way, a fixed projection was visible on one of the walls of the Place Sainte-Croix.

This one, named Etherwas designed by Grégory Wagenheim and will also be visible Place Saint-Louis, Coislin Street And rue Boucherie-Saint-Georges.

Éther will be visible on rue Coislin, as well as on Place Sainte-Croix and Place Saint-Louis.
Ether will be visible on Coislin and Boucherie-Saint-Georges streets, as well as on Places Sainte-Croix and Saint-Louis. (©Antony Speciale/Lorraine Actu)

Oh Lord!church of the Trinitarians

Another stage of the journey: thechurch of the Trinitarianswith the creation named Oh Lord!.

Images are projected in the background of the church while the image is accompanied by sound creation. The design is signed Guillaume Marmin and sound broadcasting by Motenai.

Oh Lord!, inside the Trinitarian Church.
Oh Lord!inside the Church of the Trinitarians. (©Antony Speciale/Lorraine Actu)

The FragmentsLa Cour-d’Or museum

The Conservation Court La Cour-d’Or museum will be open to the public this year, for the work The Fragments, signed by the Slovak artist sedemminut and Metz artists NIID.

Rectangular shapes light up while the projection is accompanied by a soundtrack.

The Fragments, in the Conservation courtyard of the La Cour-d'Or museum.
The Fragmentsin the Conservation courtyard of the La Cour-d’Or museum. (©Antony Speciale/Lorraine Actu)

Glass Box and Mind Fields, St. Stephen’s Cathedral

We arrive at the essential part of the Constellations festival: the video mapping on the Saint-Étienne Cathedral.

This is broken down into two parts: Glass Boxby Filip Roca and Zarko KomarAnd Mind Fieldsby the collective Antaless Visual Design.

Glass Box is one of two parts of the cathedral's video mapping.
Glass Box is one of the two parts of the cathedral video mapping. (©Antony Speciale/Lorraine Actu)

The mapping will be screened several times each evening from Thursday to Saturday. From June 20 to July 20, screenings will take place from 10:30 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. From July 25 to August 10, from 10 p.m. to 12:15 a.m. Finally, from August 15 to 31, from 9:30 p.m. to 12:15 a.m.

Other works to discover

These few works were a foretaste of everything that will be possible to discover on the Digital Stones course.

In order to view the entire route, the public is invited to go to the garden of love of the new TempleAt Fabert gardenAt Saint-Georges bridgeat theregional hotelat theDepartment hotelto the Basilica of Saint Vincent but also to the Sainte-Blandine chapel. All of the works on offer can be discovered on the Constellations website.

At the same time, two other routes can be discovered during the day: Urban arts as well as’Arts and gardens.

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