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Rihanna suffered from traumatic hair loss.

The ‘We Found Love’ singer is mom to two-year-old RZA and 10-month-old Riot with rapper partner A$AP Rocky, and admitted being affected by the disease was “not planned ” when she began her journey to motherhood.

She said in an interview shared by Refinery29: “I also didn’t expect it to come in waves. I thought it would come and it would grow back.”

Rihanna explained that clumps of hair fell out in different places on her head.

She added that it forced her to change her style: “I learned to accept that in itself. It allowed me to be a little more creative and smart with my hair.”

Additionally, Rihanna was recently spotted wearing a t-shirt that read “I’m Retired”, which terrified her fans.

The star, however, insisted that this should not be taken as an announcement of his retirement.

She told “Extra”: “It was just me looking to the future. I’m not retired. I just loved this dress. I got it as a gift and I loved it. .. They didn’t read the second line I’m not retired, I’m just retired from dressing – it’s a lot of effort.



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