Cancer treatment: a fake photo of Kate Middleton without hair enrages the web

Cancer treatment: a fake photo of Kate Middleton without hair enrages the web
Cancer treatment: a fake photo of Kate Middleton without hair enrages the web

Internet users have taken to social networks to denounce a visibly faked photo of Princess Kate, alleging that she lost her hair during her cancer treatments.

“The photo is definitely fake! More respect for Kate Middleton, please. Whoever created and posted this photo should be completely ashamed!’ denounced a woman in the comments under the photo shared Monday on Instagram and noticed by the Belgian media 7sur7.

The strange publication, accompanied by the caption “no matter how much your appearance has changed, in our eyes you will always be beautiful Kate Middleton”, was greeted with the discontent of many Internet users, who did not mince their words .

Because the photo would not have been shared on social networks by any credible Source or by any member of the royal family, while it rather seems to have been generated from scratch by artificial intelligence (AI) or modified by Photoshop.

“These AI photos are not good!! Please stop spreading such things! It’s really disrespectful!” lamented a second Internet user, while a third urged the author of the publication to delete it.

The post was reportedly shared by the Instagram page RoyalStoryUK, which appears to publish gossip about the British royal family. She had already reached more than 100,000 “likes” on Thursday.

The post was also shared on X, before being reported and removed.

Last March, the British princess announced that she was suffering from cancer, while she began chemotherapy treatment away from the public. The royal family then indicated that it would not follow up on Kate’s condition.

Then last week, a Kensington Palace spokesperson told the BBC that Kate Middleton was not yet planning to resume her royal activities anytime soon, while she was awaiting the green light from doctors.

Kate Middleton is not the only celebrity to be a victim of artificial intelligence: last January, false sexual images of American singer Taylor Swift caused an outcry after being shared on the web.

The image of actor Tom Hanks had also been used without his knowledge, after being generated in a video for a dental care advertisement.



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