four young French skincare brands to follow

In 2031, according to market research company Transparency Market Research, the global skincare market will reach $256 billion (€237 billion), accounting for a third of the overall beauty market. It is in this strong growth segment, +4.5% approximately each year, that Mono Skincare, Awvi, Ad Caelia and Pers have chosen to operate. Discovery of these four young French skincare labels.

Mono Skincare and its soluble cosmetics

Established in Asia for thirteen years where she works in the hospitality and well-being sector, Laurie Mias sought to develop an innovative and effective care brand for her spas.

Mono Skincare Product – DR

Launched in 2022, after two years of research and development and nearly 200 laboratories consulted, says Laurie Mias, Mono Skincare offers facial treatments in water-soluble format, that is to say tablets to dissolve in drinking water transform into serum (80 euros for 50ml) or cream. The brand, which works with a certified vegan Belgian laboratory, and which has patented its concept in 35 countries, has however revised its initial copy by reworking the formulation of its products to improve their galenics and sensoriality. Mono Skincare, which today offers six hydration and anti-aging references, is present at Printemps Haussmann as well as in around ten points of sale, notably pharmacies. The brand, which could in the future sell its patented concept to others, should soon raise funds of one million euros from investors whose names have not been revealed. This will be Mono Skincare’s second round of funding.

Awvi or skin health “in & out”

Behind Awvi (pronounced O-Vi) is Alexander Werz, the international CEO of the press relations agency Karla Otto.

Product from the Awvi brand – DR

Accustomed to a healthy lifestyle, this networker surrounded himself with experts to launch his cosmetic project. Among them we find in particular Jean-Michel Vigneau and Cyrille Callari, two former members of the LVMH group, respectively CEO and director of operations of Awvi. Beatrice von Thurn und Taxis, who headed the cosmetics brand Susanne Kaufmann, and Nicky Kinnaird, the founder of the beauty brand Space NK, are also part of Alexander Werz’s inner circle. For its launch, Awvi is based around “The Skin Method”, a range of four products composed of food supplements, a cleanser, an anti-aging serum (146 euros) and a moisturizer. On the distribution side, the brand, which could also launch hair products, is notably present via its site but also at The Webster, in Apropos stores in Germany and at online partners such as Niche Beauty.

Ad Caelia, treatment by naturopath Claire Andréewitch

Naturopath specializing in skin health and author, among others, of the book on holistic beauty Reveal your glowpublished by Éditions Marabout in 2019, Claire Andréewitch, of Swedish origin, collaborated in the formulation of products from other brands before launching her own label claiming to be clean beauty, Ad Caelia.

Product Ad Caelia – DR

Its first product launched at the start of the year is an eye contour to meet the needs of the most sensitive area of ​​the face (95 euros, 15ml). The brand, which favors ingredients of natural origin and which sources its active ingredients and raw materials mainly in Scandinavian countries or in Europe, is establishing itself in institutes with facialists and will soon set up shop at Bon Marché. Ad Caelia is also expanding its ranges with a serum, a cream and a cleanser, products currently available for pre-order.

Pers Skincare offers a simple and effective routine

Founded by Sophie-Lisa Prêcheur, formerly of the Estée Lauder and Shiseido groups, and Quentin Douce, a defector from L’Oréal and La Prairie, Pers is a skincare brand that aims to be minimalist and effective, far from the marketing speeches of those involved in the beauty.

Pers Retinol Serum – DR

The range currently made up of seven products concentrated in reference active ingredients (vitamin C, retinol, etc.) is aimed at all skin types and is structured around four actions: protect, beautify, repair and stimulate in order to reactivate the natural cycle skin. Present via its site, but also in pharmacies and at Le Bon Marché, Pers offers products made in France such as SPF 50 sun jelly which protects the skin against UVA and UVB, and which with vitamin E also protects it from premature aging (42 euros for 40ml) or a high-tolerance retinol serum formulated with 97% ingredients of natural origin (95 euros for 30ml).

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