Ewan McGregor in great shape in “A gentleman in Moscow” on Canal+

This new series “A gentleman in Moscow”, broadcast on Canal+, is astonishing and unclassifiable. We don’t expect what we are going to witness. The story begins like this: it is the 1920s and the Bolsheviks have just taken power in Russia. The Tsarist regime was overthrown and Nicholas II, his wife and their children were assassinated by the revolutionaries. Aristocrats were stripped of their titles and subjected to trials and summary executions. Among them, Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov (Ewan McGregor) appears to be next in line but is saved by being the supposed author of a revolutionary poem.

Rostov makes the most of its “prison” environment.

Ben Blackall/Paramount + with Sho

Secrets and treasures

The hardliners want to keep an eye on him: they sentence him to live in the magnificent Metropol hotel in Moscow, but if he sets foot outside he will be immediately shot. He will be fed and housed in a cold and cramped maid’s room under the roof.

Rostov therefore has plenty of time to make friends with the other residents of the hotel and the employees, the musicians who come to play there and the passing celebrities. Alexandre is a scholar, hedonist, reader and thinker, he has no trouble facilitating his exchanges. He will meet a little girl Nina (Alexa Goodall), who has come from who knows where. The little girl is fascinated by the glamor of the nobles that Rostov knew. The little one knows all the secrets of the hotel, secret passages, hidden rooms where confiscated treasures are stored. In the middle of these beautiful people, Alexander is watched by Osip (Johnny Harris), obsessed with finding a reason to send him to the firing squad.

Little Nina (Alexa Goodall) will introduce Alexander Rostov (Ewan McGregor) to many secret passages and hidden rooms of the Metropol hotel.

Ben Blackall/Paramount + With Sho

Ewan McGregor infuses his character with unwavering dignity, sparkling sincerity, and infinite empathy for others, while never making the mistake of suggesting he is at peace. Despite the situation, we had a pleasant stay with him at Metropol.



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