The L’Iris de Chanel exhibition opens at Villa Windsor

The L’Iris de Chanel exhibition opens at Villa Windsor
The L’Iris de Chanel exhibition opens at Villa Windsor

Translated by

Cecile Herrero

Published on

May 29, 2024

It felt like a day of Scottish showers on Wednesday when continuous rain fell on the L’Iris de Chanel exhibition at the Villa Windsor in Paris.

Iris by Chanel

Villa Windsor is the former home of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor and the location of Les Jardins Jardins, an elegant horticultural show from prestigious suppliers.

Ironically, Chanel housed the hundreds of irises used for her exhibition in refrigerators in Paris for several weeks, so that they would bloom in time for that week. The rain failed to block out the famous perfume.

The Chanel presentation was the most elegant corner of the show, a fragrant demonstration, to better admire this rare flower. About ten years ago, Chanel joined forces with the Mul family to create an iris farm of around fifteen hectares in Provence. Renowned farmers for five generations, the Muls are renowned for the cultivation and processing of raw materials – such as roses, jasmine and tuberose.

Historically grown in Tuscany, the iris pallida, or pale iris, grown in Provence, is today used in four Chanel perfumes: No. 19, named after Coco’s birthday, La Pausa, for her Mediterranean villa , the purest extract of the famous No. 5 and Comète, launched this spring.

The actual perfume comes from the rhizome of the iris, a kind of tuber that grows underground. Each plant needs three years to grow, while the cultivated rhizome needs an additional three years to mature, as this neat educational exhibit shows.

The villa, whose Franco-British heritage is highlighted by its other tenants, is seen by the crowds who crowd under the umbrellas. General Charles de Gaulle and his family lived there for two years after the liberation of Paris in 1944. The Windsors made the classic villa their residence until the duchess’s death in 1986, followed by Mohammed Al Fayed.

Maybe that’s why it rained so much on Wednesday.

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