He faced Van Damme and Jason Momoa… At 77, this star with 100 action films will soon be back in the cinema? – Cinema News

He faced Van Damme and Jason Momoa… At 77, this star with 100 action films will soon be back in the cinema? – Cinema News
He faced Van Damme and Jason Momoa… At 77, this star with 100 action films will soon be back in the cinema? – Cinema News

Actor and director Sylvester Stallone is in Olympic form! At 77, he multiplies his projects without thinking for a second about retirement. We take stock of his upcoming films.

Aged 77, Sylvester Stallone is still dashing and doesn’t plan to hang up his gloves! The unforgettable interpreter of Rocky and Rambo is overwhelmed with projects. To see things more clearly, let’s take stock!

Armored and dangerous!

Stallone has already released two action films, which should hit our screens soon. The first is called Armored, signed Justin Routt.

The story will introduce us to a father and son working as security guards for an armored truck company. They encounter a team of thieves on a bridge and find themselves trapped. No release date has been announced yet.

Alarum, see you both!

Another film already shot for the actor, Alarum, directed by Michael Polish. The work was written by Alexander Vesha (Deadly Impact) and does not yet have a release date either. The story follows two professional assassins, Joe and Lara Travers (Scott Eastwood and Willa Fitzgerald). After abandoning their life of crime to live their love, they witness a plane crash.

The couple recovers from the debris a top secret USB key whose contents will put all the intelligence agencies in the world after them, including Chester (Sylvester Stallone). The latter is a relentless CIA agent sent to assassinate them.

The duo quickly abandons their idyllic lifestyle and calls upon their formidable skills learned in the shadows to survive the impending onslaught. Mike Colter, Isis Valverde, and DW Moffett complete the cast of this Mr. and Mrs. Smith-style action film which promises to be explosive.

Never too old to die

Subsequently, Stallone will partner again with the Amazon Prime platform, with which he made the series Tulsa King and The Samaritan. He will be the hero of Never Too Old to Die, an action comedy in which he will play a former spy.

When one of his friends is killed in a retirement home, this Cold War veteran will do everything to find the assassin hiding among his people.

Hang in there, little one!

After Rocky Balboa, John Rambo and Barney Ross in Expendables 4, Sylvester Stallone is preparing to bring back another of his iconic characters to the cinema: the mountaineer Gabe Walker, hero of Cliffhanger. The film by Renny Harlin celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2023.

With 255 million dollars collected at the worldwide box office (for a budget of 75M), Renny Harlin’s film is a great success. In France, it attracts 2.6 million spectators. At the time, a sequel was being considered under the leadership of TriStar Pictures. Unfortunately, the project ended up being abandoned.

After several years of procrastination, Cliffhanger 2 is officially back on track since the end of 2023! After being entrusted to Ric Roman Waugh, the sequel will finally be directed by Frenchman Jean-François Richet. An action specialist, we owe him notably the Mesrine diptych and the recent Mayday with Gerard Butler.

After the events of the first part, seasoned mountaineer Gabe Walker became manager of a mountain lodge. The latter enjoys a well-deserved retirement in an Italian massif. His peace will be interrupted by hostage-takers who will sequester him and his clients. Gabe’s daughter will come to her father’s aid using her climbing skills. The film is expected to be shot later this year.

In the land of Rocky

Sylvester Stallone will return to the land of Rocky! As revealed by Deadline last March, the actor will go to Philadelphia for his new film entitled The Epiphany. If Rocky and this new project will be located in the same city, the comparison ends there. The two films have very distinct plots.

Stallone will play a tough, soon-to-be-retired police detective; he must team up with a young police officer and a former priest to stop a serial killer from Philadelphia. The film is directed by William Eubank (Paranormal Activity Next of Kin). Filming is scheduled to begin this summer in Philadelphia.

Make America Sly Again

The artist also has another film project on fire signed Rowan Athale: Little America, currently in pre-production. The story will take us to the future, where a president resembling Donald Trump bankrupts the United States.

The country’s debt is being paid by China, with many Americans moving to Asia to find work. In this new world, a former member of the military is hired by a Chinese billionaire to infiltrate an American ghetto and save his daughter.

The good and the bad hunter

The actor has also been attached since 2012 to the Hunter project, which he wishes to direct and play the main role. Stallone should slip into the costume of Nathaniel Hunter, a super hunter hired by the army to find a genetically modified creature in the Arctic Circle.

If the hunter’s instinct tells him to refuse the mission, he has no other choice but to accept when the beast finds himself a few kilometers from a town. Sly acquired the rights to the science fiction novel “Hunter” by James Byron Huggins many years ago.

In 2009, Sylvester Stallone planned to adapt James Byron Huggins’ novel into a sequel to John Rambo, but the project was abandoned and the filmmaker began making Expendables.

Sly in horror mode

The actor is also associated with the Scavenger Hunt project, by director Elle Callahan. The story will follow a group of students deciding to do an ancient ritual. Obviously, things go wrong.

The Good Samaritan

Finally, the latest project in Sly’s portfolio: Samaritan 2. It is the sequel to the action film The Samaritan, released on Prime Video in August 2022. Stallone played an aging superhero taking a teenager under his wing.

In the meantime, the actor is currently on the set of season 2 of the mafia series Tulsa King, which will soon arrive on the Paramount+ platform. Will he reprise his role as Rocky in Michael B. Jordan’s Creed IV? At the moment, nothing is known about this. After his absence in the 3rd opus, we hope that the character will appear in this sequel for a final farewell.

Another major unknown: who will now be Sylvester Stallone’s VF, to succeed the legendary Alain Dorval, who died last February. Could Richard Darbois, who also lent his voice to Stallone, take over?



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