Vera Wang’s age will shock you

Age doesn’t seem to have any effect on Vera Wang.instagram verawang


The fashion designer posted a series of photos of herself in a swimsuit by a swimming pool on Instagram and Internet users can’t believe it.

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Vera Wang still surprises as much, as she doesn’t look her age. The designer is known for her wedding dresses. Carrie Bradshaw wore one of her designs in the first film Sex & the City. But more than a brand, Vera Wang is a woman of… 74 years old! She will also celebrate her birthday on June 27.

The New Yorker of Chinese origin shared a series of photos on Instagram of herself in a swimsuit by a pool at a house in the Hamptons to, as she says, herald the start of summer.

“Happy Summer!” she wrote.

“Happy Summer!” she wrote.instagram verawang

“Eternal youth. You must have Benjamin Button syndrome, in a good way.”

A user on Instagram

“Time bows before you and stops moving”

A user on Instagram

What is his secret to rejuvenation?

Unlike other stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Gisele Bündchen, Vera Wang doesn’t just hydrate with coconut water and lemon juice. She’s a party girl who loves vodka cocktails. She likes to throw in a little one at the end of the day to “go from a very intense work schedule to a somewhat private life.” Moreover, she created her brand of prosecco, Vera Wang Party.

Proof that Vera Wang has been spoiled by nature, her diet resembles that of a teenager. If she does sports (yoga, golf, fitness), she likes junk food.

I eat McDonald’s, absolutely. I order it every day for about two weeks, then I change.”

she said to Page Six in 2023.

She says she can eat McDonald’s every day for two weeks without any problem. She is also fond of donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

Donuts & caviar: chic!

Donuts & caviar: chic!instagram verawang

But when asked what her secret is, she answers:

“Basically, I’ve worked my whole life. I think work keeps you young and energized. I work very long hours, I raised two daughters. I think staying busy is the best antidote to good health.”

His other secret? The sleep. Ok, that makes sense.

The stylist, who regularly creates looks for Zendaya, says she is not afraid of aging, from an aesthetic point of view: “I am more afraid of physical disabilities… I love my work and I am very passionate about my work, my friends, my daughters… I mean I have a very busy life.”

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