Steve Roy and Valérie St-Jean will replace Martin Pelletier at 107.7

Steve Roy and Valérie St-Jean will replace Martin Pelletier at 107.7
Steve Roy and Valérie St-Jean will replace Martin Pelletier at 107.7

This will be Mr. Roy’s third appearance on this station. He hosted Homecoming on the old 104.5 frequency for seven years, before making a detour to Radio-Canada TV and radio in Estrie. In 2016, he returned to FM 107.7 to host the morning daily, Let Estrie rise.

This news comes the day after the dismissal of host Martin Pelletier, who hosted his show Midday news for 13 years at 107.7. Working on his show on Monday, he was no longer there on Tuesday.

Third stay at FM 107.7

Mr. Roy made the leap into politics in the winter of 2021 to join Mayor Évelyne Beaudin’s cabinet. First press secretary, then chief of staff, he left the mayor’s entourage in March 2024.

Joined by The gallery, Steve Roy explains that he will not conduct an interview with the mayor. She will be received on the morning show and, if current events require it, Mr. Roy’s co-host, Valérie St-Jean, will interview the mayor at noon.

Also saying he has good relations with all the elected officials of the municipal council, the facilitator assures that he will approach “with great, great neutrality” the interviews with councilors he has worked with.

Mayor Évelyne Beaudin is in no way worried about seeing her former chief of staff host a current affairs show.

“I know the great professionalism and rigor of Mr. Roy,” she said. This is good news for 107.7 and I wish him good luck in this challenge. »

Ms. Beaudin also wanted to highlight the contribution of Martin Pelletier and the arrival of a female voice in animation.

Under a Facebook publication by communicator Janick Anctil, who had strongly criticized the work of Martin Pelletier upon the announcement of his departure, municipal councilor Hélène Dauphinais commented that “107.7 is beginning to become the refuge of the former chiefs of staff of Sherbrooke Citizen. Let’s hope that objectivity will be there when it comes to municipal politics,” she hopes.

“Steve has experienced politics,” she wrote in another comment. We’ll see if it makes an impact with use. In addition, he covered an election campaign on the microphone just before joining the mayor’s team. I don’t really understand the direction of 107.7. same for me [Claude] Dostie who comments on politics while his partner [Geneviève La Roche] is part of local politics. The wall is not very waterproof.”

“Good catch”

For his part, the programming director of FM 107.7, Pascal Gervais, also says he is very happy with Steve Roy’s return to the fold. It is, according to him, a “good catch” for his station, while listeners already know the host very well.

Valérie St-Jean has made her mark in the world of radio in recent years. The Estrienne native worked in Saguenay, at the Énergie 106.1 station in Sherbrooke and, for the past year, on the morning show of Cogeco’s talk station in Mauricie, FM 106.9.

In addition to her animation work, she will also be an advertising advisor for Cogeco stations.


Valérie St-Jean (FM 106.9)

The thirty-year-old worked for a dozen years in music radio before making the jump to the spoken format last August, moving to Mauricie. “It’s a format that really fulfills me, both from a personal and professional point of view. I find it very enriching to discuss current affairs and stick to local news,” said the woman who appreciated her work team in Trois-Rivières, but who missed Estrie.

Steve Roy and Valérie St-Jean will be colleagues for the first time, they who previously shared the ratings. “We got it [Steve Roy] in an interview with Énergie at the time when he was doing his shows in Coaticook in the summer, she remembers. I also met him when he was Ms. Beaudin’s press secretary. I look forward to working with him. He has a good attitude, he is competent, he is on top of his business, he has a zest for life and a contagious laugh. I have nothing but good words to say and I’m really looking forward to working with him!”

The advertising consultant role will also allow her to stabilize her job, since radio hosts are constantly on ejection seats.

“Sales is a whole other job,” she admits. I’m going to sell my product that I know really well. I will learn this profession step by step. […] I will never put myself in a position of conflict of interest. The fact that we are two presenters will allow that if subjects are more thorny, I can withdraw a little more. I don’t have my client list, but there is a concern to assign me clients with whom I will not have a conflict of interest from the start.”

She also enjoys her more normal schedule, having lived “all her twenties going to bed around 9 p.m. without doing too much,” she describes.

Not the same formula

Listeners should not expect that Estrie today repeats the formula and codes of Midday newswarns Pascal Gervais.

“There will be more analysis, more decryption and more collaboration with listeners,” he explains. In particular, open lines may be offered to listeners.

“We will try to find the balance between a pure current affairs program and a magazine format. This is the mix we want to make,” underlines Steve Roy.

He also admits that he would not have wanted this job if it was simply a question of replacing Martin Pelletier in a “Midday news 2”. He says he is excited by the possibility of making changes to the lunch time slot.

“When I was approached, moreover, it was not with the aim of replacing Martin. It’s a business decision for which I am not responsible,” says Mr. Roy, who says he has a friendly relationship with Mr. Pelletier.

The new co-animation formula Estrie today Steve Roy particularly likes it, who says he really appreciates Ms. St-Jean.

A new team of collaborators for the midday show will also be revealed in the fall.

In the meantime, Martin Pelletier’s temporary replacement will remain Marc Toussaint, who will host the summer program of Midday newswhich only lasts one hour.



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