The great return of Manu Chao

The great return of Manu Chao
The great return of Manu Chao

Announcer of a new album which should arrive at the start of the school year, Viva Tu the new single from the French artist is an ode to love and solidarity.

Manu Chao returns with an album 17 years later. Despite his big musical and media break, he did not stop performing concerts and being productive.

This artist who loves the world and who in return, the whole world loves, will hit the road again in June. Being a big fan of human-sized festivals, this is the opportunity to see him on stage again and to discover this new album and to hear these classics like Clandestino Or Me tastes You.

Chris Martin helps a festival goer

The singer with a big heart did not hesitate to help a fan with a disability to go to the concert of Coldplay. He participated in the festival One Big Weekend organized by the BBC last weekend in Luton, a large London suburb, when he saw Saundra Glenn, 64, struggling to walk.

The latter shared the anecdote on social networks “This moment when Chris Martin saw me having difficulty walking, made his car stop and took me away. It’s incredible”.

In addition to having a nice discussion with the festival goer, Chris then made sure that she joined the festival from the VIP area, offering to get in a golf car to make it easier. Saundra told the BBC: “He realizes what it’s like to have a disabilityshe’s such a nice person.”

Metallica breaks new record

The famous group of heavy metal American played his title Inamorata in Munich for the first time live this Sunday, May 26. This is the longest title of the group’s discography to date, it can be found on their latest album 72 Seasons and it lasts just over 11 minutes.

A storm, accompanied by lightning, broke out just before the concert, perfectly setting the mood for their great classic Master of Puppets. The fans gathered in Munich were spoiled, since despite the rain, the group “electrified” the stage of theOlympiastadion.

“And, you know, in our group, we don’t recognize the word ‘mistakes.’ There are just unique moments that happen, okay? That’s what we have to tell ourselves. This one is drawn of 72 Seasons. It’s one of my favorites, so I’m going to love it.” said James Hetfield on stage before playing the song:

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