“Viva Tu”: the new Manu Chao is an ode to happiness

“Viva Tu”: the new Manu Chao is an ode to happiness
“Viva Tu”: the new Manu Chao is an ode to happiness

It is a hymn to daily appeasement, to the rapprochement of souls and bodies. Manu Chao has just released “Viva Tu”, the first single from his next album.

Well known at Nova and in all the alternative hideouts around the world, Manu Chao has more than three decades of career, millions of albums sold around the world and countless kilometers traveled on the roads. The elusive artist, a true mystery who continues to fascinate his fans, presents “Viva Tu”, or ” Long life to you “ in Spanish, and the title is already on loop on our airwaves.

Released yesterday on YouTube, you may have already heard this guitar-vocal melody four years ago, which wandered around the internet during confinement. Remember, in 2020, Manu Chao gave us smiles again from his apartment with his “CORONARICTUS SMILY KILLER SESSIONS”.

On April 16, 2020, Manu Chao released a first acoustic version of “Viva Tu” in one of his “CORONARICTUS SMILY KILLER SESSIONS”.

Troubadour of the roads, holy artist of travelers, Manu Chao returns today with a rumba version of “Viva Tu”. An intermingling of lively guitars, choirs and parallel voices, thus sublimate the simplicity without artifice of a timbre recognizable among all. But Manu did not come back alone, he brings with him a tour, and, soon, a new album.

For those who missed his debut, Manu Chao was first a huge star of 80 years. Leader of the Mano Negra, a punk fusion group, already very political and when it broke up in the mid-90s, the Franco-Spanish singer continued his solo journey. Among his notable works, his album Clandestino, released in 1998 and whose birthday we celebrated some time ago on Nova, will leave a mark in the history of music.

On the road, producer and talent scout, Manu Chao is everywhere and yet always remains anonymous. His media silence gives him great freedom, and his generations of fans respect his absences.

The wind brought him back today with words that repeat like an incantation, a celebration: “Viva tú, viva tú” this formula is a declaration, a tribute.

Viva Tu is above all the love of all my neighbors, it is a rumba that I wrote for them and those from other neighborhoods.

It’s about accepting yourself as you are because, from the moment you accept who you are, Viva Tu!”

Manu Chao, 2024

He often plays this song alone on the guitar, during his wanderings. Written in a context of uncertainty, that of covid, it is an ode to the women of his daily life like her neighbor, the baker, the metro ticket seller, or even the cleaning lady.

In “Viva Tu”, Manu Chao celebrates humanity and thanks life for each encounter. He seeks to love with the curiosity of a tireless traveler.

This new title announces the arrival of a new album. Manu Chao picks up his backpack, but this time, to get back on stage! Find the dates of his next tour on his website. As for us, we will be there to tell you everything about this mystery album.



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