Dragon Ball: 8 secrets of C-16

C-16 is one of the many cyborgs imagined by Akira Toriyama. First of all, a secondary character, not to say an extra Dragon Ball, C-16 gradually became an extremely important character, even before gaining unexpected depth thanks to the expansion of his lore in Dragon Ball Super. It is therefore with the desire to know more about this cyborg warrior that we set out in search of 8 facts that you (perhaps) did not know about C-16.

#8 C-16 was not activated in Future Trunks’ universe

Cyborg 16 is never seen during the various flashbacks (unless they are flashforwards) describing Future Trunks’ timeline. However, it is obvious that this character can only exist in this future as well. Indeed, it would still be very surprising if Dr. Gero could make cyborgs 1 to 15, then suddenly skip number 16, to continue with 17. There is no official explanation for this absence. The most likely thing about this is that number 16 was simply never activated in this timeline.


Since in these events, numbers 17 and 18 blow up Gero’s laboratory, it is very likely that C-16 exploded with the rest of Gero’s research and perhaps even with Gero himself. Indeed, in the scenes where we can observe Gero hatching his plan, he is still human. So it’s possible that in Trunks’ world, C-19 was never designed and therefore Gero could never have been transformed into C-20 before the Cyborg apocalypse. But again, these explanations are just speculation.

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#7 C-16 is very different from C-17 and C-18

When C 16 first appears in Dragon Ballhe is only a very secondary character. We understand almost instantly that he will not be a real threat to the heroes. At this time, the character doesn’t really have a past (which will change a few decades later, but we’ll come back to that). The only real information about him, when he appeared, was thathe would not be a cyborg like numbers 17 and 18 (or 20 aka Gero), but an Android.

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According to the guide Daizenshu Dragon Ball World Guide, There are several subcategories of creation style among Gero-designed warriors. So, No. 16 would be an entirely mechanical being, unlike 17 and 18 who are human victims of Doctor Gero’s sordid experiments. However, there are numerous elements which alternately refute or confirm this information on the real nature of C-16.

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#6 We know the origins of C-16

When he appears, C-16 is therefore officially a 100% mechanical being. Since then, however, we have known a little more about this astonishing creation of Doctor Gero. In the feature film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, it is revealed to us thatGero would have designed this warrior by giving him the appearance of his son who died in battle: Gevo. Son of the Doctor and his companion Doctor Vomi, Gevo was a member of the Red Ribbon Army. He acted as a high-ranking soldier and was shot down by an enemy bullet even before Son Goku destroyed the army.

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Having experienced this loss badly, Dr. Gero created an android in his son’s image, and made him his most powerful mechanical warrior. However, No. 16 seems strangely endowed with a personality very close to his model. Although they are affiliated with the Red Ribbon, No. 16 and Gevo are relatively pacifist and are extremely close to nature. On the other hand, we have twice the opportunity to see the plans of No. 16 in the series. Gold, his endoskeleton seems imagined to be much more than a simple pacifist toaster.

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#5 C-16 may not be so different from C-17 and C-18

When Warrior Number 16 is set as Android, Toriyama has not yet decided to officially make him the replica of Gero’s son. Fact, today we can legitimately wonder if C-16 is indeed an entirely mechanical creation. Moreover, certain elements of the plot sometimes tip the balance towards the cyborg side. So, when Dr. Gero notices that No. 17 wants to wake No. 16, he warns the cyborg by explaining to him that No. 16 is too dangerous to be awakened. It would be a failed experiment and activating it would risk costing him his life. Gold, 17 immediately analyzes it and assesses its power as less than his own, something that would normally be impossible for him to do against a fully mechanical being (since it would be an “object”).

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Obviouslywe can also think that C-17 does not really analyze the power of C16 but gauges it instinctively. At that time, C17 was a particularly proud character. On the other hand, he knows more than anyone that the order of creation of cyborgs does not correspond to their order of power or improvement. Indeed, for its part, 17 is more powerful than 18, 19 and 20. Thus, if 17 affirms that it is more powerful than 16, it is perhaps according to its simple conviction and his analysis would then only be a small inconsistency within the lore. The debate on the true nature of C-16 therefore now remains open.

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#4 C-16 has unique abilities among Cyborgs

C 16 is a unique cyborg in more than one way. First of all, unlike most of Gero’s creations, he is not belligerent. The only other similar creation is C8, which Gero designed with the help of another scientist, Dr. Frappé, who was a pacifist. C 16 is also the only one programmed to defeat Cell. We don’t know if he is necessarily the strongest of the cyborgs as Gero wanted, but he is the only one to put Cell in difficulty.

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Then it turns out thathe cyborgs (but also Cell) are equipped with a system that allows them to play on the fear of their opponents. Cell, who contains the DNA of Cell and Piccolo, also takes real pleasure in terrorizing his enemies. Conversely, it seems that C 16 inspires his interlocutors to bring out the best in themselves. Thus, it was inspired by this humble warrior that C17 would later become a forest ranger. And it is thanks to the sacrifice of C 16 that Gohan will unleash his full potential to defeat Cell. C-16 is therefore the complete opposite of his creator, Gero. The deaths of these two characters are very similar, but their meaning and repercussions are diametrically opposed.

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#3 We don’t know if C-16 is still alive

After Son Gohan defeats the fearsome Cell, it’s time for the heroes to reunite the Dragon Balls. Once Shenron is summoned, he is then asked to resurrect all of Cell’s victims. Among these victims, we will discover much later that even C-17, who is normally an adversary of the Z warriors, was brought back to life. In fact and legitimately, one might wonder what happened to C-16. Well, once again, it’s all a question of what the true nature of this Gero creation is.

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For some, C-16 is only a 100% mechanical being, so he has no life to speak of and therefore could not be resurrected. However, mechanical or not, for others C16 has necessarily been brought back and it has just not yet reappeared in the plot. For those who would lean towards this option, it is interesting to point out that C-16 appears to have come back to “life” in the game Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle. Here, after Cell’s defeat, No. 16 went to live in the forest to protect the animals from poachers and other dangers. Interestingly, this fate is therefore the same as that of his comrade Android 17 who became a park ranger/ranger after being resurrected.

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#2 C-16 was, more or less, resurrected by his mother

The game Dragon Ball – FighterZ offers a new plot featuring a new villain: C-21. This cyborg is in reality the “artificial human” version of Doctor Vomi who was Doctor Gero’s companion. Number 21 is a particularly drawn character who never stops fighting against his evil side. In this strange quest for herself, the scientist/cyborg/artificial human will create a new replica of C16 into which she will graft the consciousness of her missing son, Gevo.

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The new Android 16 model does not consider itself the original, but rather an imitation or clone. However, animated by the same pacifist motivations as his predecessors, he will do everything to help the one who is similar to his mother to come back to the good side and abandon your evil side. C-21 eventually transforms into “Majin”, a form normally reserved for beings such as Majin Boo. Once transformed, she will feel more and more hatred for beings stronger than her. But C16, who never abandons him, allows his mother to take advantage of Majin’s ability to split into two entities: No. 21 (bad) and No. 21 (good).

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#1 C-16 merged with other Gero creations

The game Dragon Ball Fusion throws players into a world where space-time is distorted. Here, several Dragon Ball characters, from different eras and continuities, are present. However, in this world, everyone can merge thanks to a bracelet invented by Bulma allowing what we call ex fusions. After many somewhat far-fetched but relatively amusing twists and turns, C16 first merges with C17; together they become C1617. Later, C16 finally merges with Cell himself and they become the fearsome: Perfect 16. Obviously, by being the mix of a pacifist and Gero’s ultimate weapon, he gets a strange personality to say the least. Thus, Perfect 16 never has any pity for any enemy, but on the other hand, he refuses and hates when the weakest are threatened.

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