Man cancels his wedding to his fiancée because of an iPhone 13

Man cancels his wedding to his fiancée because of an iPhone 13
Man cancels his wedding to his fiancée because of an iPhone 13

The unexplained acquisition of a new iPhone 13 Pro Max phone has jeopardized a marriage.

Indeed, a man is said to have canceled his wedding with his fiancée because of a phone given to him by a stranger.

According to reports, the latter received an iPhone 13 Pro Max as a gift from someone.

When her fiancé found out, he asked who gave it to her, but she refused to tell him.

He confronted her about who gave him the expensive gadget, but she insisted on keeping the person’s identity a secret.

He ended up calling off their wedding to avoid any unforeseen problems in their relationship, as he was suspicious of her behavior.

A decision that is unanimous among Internet users.

According to them, the gentleman was very wise to end this marriage which would ultimately cause him all the problems in the world.

They believe that a union that is not based on transparency and honesty is doomed to failure.

“And I agree with her entirely… Certainly, there was no harm in her having received an expensive gift that her man could not have given her, but if she had refused to say who had given it to her , there was a serious problem.”

“Congratulations to this man. Marriage is for a lifetime and if it has to start with secrecy, it is better not to commit.”

“Congratulations for the caution and prevention, because such women are capable of having children with other men without you knowing.” “Normally, he did well. Otherwise, it always gave problems in the long run.”

“He avoided any damage in advance… He made a truly beneficial decision, which is not given to everyone… Thank you, thank you.”

“Well done handsome man!” You are a true gentleman. When you have such a dense and bushy forest, know that penetrating it will be hard and more than difficult, says an African proverb. Prevention is better than cure. Congratulations sir. Otherwise, you will have someone else’s children.”we can read.

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