Circus, theater, musical shows… Curtain raises on the 2024-2025 programming of La Maison à Nevers

Headliners sparingly, emerging companies, some beautiful portraits of women… The 2024-2025 season which slips onto the stage of La Maison highlights horror and fantasy.

Knowing the progress of La Maison’s new programming is always a little suspended moment, piqued with a good dose of curiosity. A moment where we let ourselves be held by the hand of Jean-Luc Revol, director and his team. Where we begin to make our selection from this list of proposals which rhymes between variety and quality.

This 2024-2025 season, not really any headliners, not really a common thread either, the stage of La Maison will be “rather sprinkled with little touches of horror and fantasy”, notes, a bit amused, Jean- Luc Revol.

This 2024-2025 program was not the easiest to complete. “It’s a particular season which was not easy to put in place. Theater and culture are rather mistreated. A show was canceled when we were going to complete the program”, so much for the context before sunrise curtain.

“We start with the boulevard. It’s quite encouraging”

A season swept away over the months, with good reasons to open the doors of La Maison several times.

We play the game of saving a date or two anyway, each month, between September and July.

In September, Tuesday 25, it will be an outing to the theater with the play A chalet in Gstaad, by and with Josiane Balasko. “We start with the boulevard. It’s quite encouraging,” describes Jean-Luc Revol.

premium Jean-Luc Revol reappointed as director of La Maison, in Nevers, for the next 5 years

In October, Thursday the 17th, it’s time to indulge in a touch of horror. Magic, illusionism and mystery will cover La Maison. Klek Entos is passing through Nevers. He arrives with his poetic and disturbing universe. The public is confronted with their fears.

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Mambo, rumba, tango with Roberto Fonseca

In November, November 28, 29 and 30, it’s time for the circus. The Rasposo company returns to Nevers and will set up its marquee for three days on the esplanade of the ducal palace. “It’s a big form. Eleven artists with quite powerful individualities.”

Thursday, November 28, with world music star Roberto Fonseca, we head to the 1930s in Cuba. Mambo, rumba, tango, this one invites you to dance and sway your hips.

December, Thursday December 5, with the Ballets Jazz Montréal, “we are in the excellence of dance.” The show Dance Me fuses dance, music and video.

Trip to Zurich
Tuesday December 10, the programming sticks to current events. The play, Trip to Zurich, with Marie-Christine Barrault, addresses the end of life. “Florence has decided to put an end to her suffering. Since she made this decision, she feels lighter. Marie-Christine Barrault is brilliant and overwhelming,” says Jean-Luc Revol.

This season I’ve picked up on some deep but necessary themes.

In January, Tuesday 21, the Fouic company, associated with La Maison, will present its latest creation, Happy Apocalypse. Thursday January 23, we get into the rock musical. Hedwig and the angry inch, with four Tony Awards, comes to France for the first time. “It’s very trashy and above all very funny. It shakes.”

In February, Thursday 20, it’s the classic of the season. “We receive a piece by Jean Racine: Phaedra directed by Anne-Laure Liégeois with Anna Mouglalis.”

In March, Friday March 14, we return to the theater. On the stage, we find Sophie Marceau and François Berléand in Notea funny and touching comedy.

Humor with Laura Laune

a82102450f.jpgThe Eia circus
Wednesday March 26, we dive back into the world of the circus. The six acrobats of the Eia circus (from Barcelona) explore the vital need to connect with others. “A show which had a lot of prizes. They will be in residence here for two weeks.”

In April, a pinch of humor Laura Laune, alone on stage, will pour out her salt. Tuesday April 8, a trip to the music hall for a tribute to Colette, “a great free woman.”

60b1c79a35.jpgThe hour of the assassins
In May, Thursday May 22, a theatrical cluedo. In the hour of the assassins, Conan Doyle leads the investigation. “It’s quite enjoyable.”

Castle life to close the season

June and July, two dates, June 28 and July 19 for what Jean-Luc Revol called La vie de château. An off-site program, a special novelty which offers a link between artistic creation and the heritage of Nièvre. The two parts of Merteuila sort of sequel to Dangerous Liaisonswill be given at the Château d’A’niziy in Panneçot and at the Château de Dumphlun in Billy-Chevannes.

For all other dates, don’t hesitate for a second, you must quickly obtain the programming brochure. In addition, there is a game to play to win tickets to the shows.

Ticketing. For this cultural program, 2024-2025, La Maison will open its ticket office online and on site on the following dates:
– Memberships: Saturday June 8, 10 a.m.
– General public: Tuesday June 25, 10:30 a.m.

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