Lina’s boyfriend and mother speak out eight months after her disappearance

Lina’s boyfriend and mother speak out eight months after her disappearance
Lina’s boyfriend and mother speak out eight months after her disappearance

In search of answers, Lina’s mother is present on the set of a television show to try to collect information on the disappearance of her daughter. Absent, Lina’s boyfriend, Tao, wanted to send a message.

Eight months after the disappearance of Lina, a young teenager who disappeared in Bas-Rhin, her boyfriend Tao speaks on the M6 ​​program “Call for witnesses” this Tuesday, May 28. If Lina’s mother, Fanny Groll, is present on the set to try to obtain information concerning the disappearance of her daughter, the teenager for his part declined the invitation but sent an e-mail to express himself .

A message is read by the host of the show Julien Courbet. “I am not present on the set this evening but I am always there in support,” he assures. The young man has not forgotten and continues to hope for the return of his girlfriend.

“Lina, if you hear us, know that we are here and that we are not giving up anything to find you. Lina, be strong and don’t give up either. I am thinking of you very much.”

“I know she’s alive.”

Just like for Lina’s mother, he hopes that this program, which invites relatives of missing or dead people to launch calls for national witnesses, will help bring to light crucial information for the gendarmerie investigation.

“If someone knows something, remembers something, even if it seems trivial, they should say it, they should contact the show and the investigators. They should come forward even anonymously. I remain in the hope that there will be testimonies that will allow us to find you”, concludes Tao.

Lina’s mother, present on the set of the show broadcast live, is also looking for an answer. She still hopes to be able to find her daughter. “In my guts, my heart, I know that she is alive,” she assured on M6.

Live, she calls on “anyone who knows something, who has a doubt” to come forward. “I need to know, to understand. We want her to come back. I beg you, call, dare.”

A file with “thousands of pages”

Fanny Groll indicates that she had access to the investigation file only “around ten days” ago.

“I’m just starting to read the file. It’s huge, there are thousands of pages.”

She learned in particular that her daughter had hidden nightclub outings on several occasions. “She went out more than I was aware of,” says her mother. “When she said she was sleeping at a friend’s house, in fact she was going out, I didn’t know that.”

Fanny Groll had already launched a first appeal last March, with the firm conviction that “any clue is worth taking”. “Something that can hold us back, something that alerts us at a given moment, that we hadn’t thought about at all,” she declared two months ago.

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