From electro to pop, Thomas Nourad’s path strewn with light

From electro to pop, Thomas Nourad’s path strewn with light
From electro to pop, Thomas Nourad’s path strewn with light

Thomas Nourad is a musician who made his debut in the world of electro music. His song “ça tir”, released on May 7, sounds like a break with his former loves. Refusing to submit to the dictates of the labels he joined in his early days, this Franco-Moroccan of Rif origins on his mother’s side explores the world of text music and pop. The clip for his opus, shot in the old slaughterhouses of Casablanca and directed by Nezha Alaoui, is an invitation to reflect on the state of the current world. A true introspection into the twists and turns of the unspeakable.

Le360: how did you get started?

Thomas Nourad: I was born in Corsica, I come from Bastia, I am Franco-Moroccan. I started music very early, since my early childhood, then I gradually began to make my own productions. Then, I went to Paris for a while and decided one day to go to Casablanca. I wanted to go back to my roots in Morocco, since my whole family is Moroccan and so I settled here.

You started in electronic music, then branched out into pop and lyrical music. For what?

When I signed with techno and electro labels, I had too many musical constraints. I found that I wasn’t free enough to create things that really suited me. The labels are always characterized as house, techno, electro… and if you break out of this box, it’s very difficult to sign on something else. Ultimately, I feel better when I’m free and I make pop music for example, when I’m not limited.

So this allows me to write texts that resemble me, to compose music that is in line with who I am, without thinking about what I have to do to please this or that label. I do it for pleasure above all.

Has working in cinema, and thus having a dual artistic passion, influenced your music?

Cinema and me are a great love story! You should know that I am a big fan of the seventh art. It’s true that I really like telling a story in music. That is to say, when I compose a title, I like there to be a beginning and an end. It’s true that my songs accompanied by clips have a cinematic side.

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Is this type of text music, very colorful, a challenge for you to take on to renew your style?

The truth: I don’t think about it at all and I really do what makes me happy. And besides, I never tell myself that I’m going to do this music to be known, or that I’m going to do this other to break through… I really make music by feeling.

“Cinema and me are a great love story. You should know that I am a big fan of the seventh art.”

— Thomas Nourad, singer

What was the context of filming in Casablanca for the video clip for your song “ ça tire ”?

The clip was directed by Nezha Alaoui. We listened to my music together and one thing led to another, she offered me her ideas and we opted for this universe in the old slaughterhouses of Casablanca.

How do you personally perceive the evolution of your musical career?

I let myself go, I observe life, I try to share as much as possible, I don’t like to project myself too much, I prefer to see things as they come and not have too many expectations so as not to be disappointed, It’s no use, I think it’s good to follow the wave.

By Quds Chabaa And Said Bouchrit

05/28/2024 at 11:33 a.m.



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