Lio appeals to the public to finance his next album

Lio appeals to the public to finance his next album
Lio appeals to the public to finance his next album

The singer wants to return to music without the support of a label. And for this independent adventure, she asks for help from Internet users.

Lio is “trying something crazy”: releasing a new album, with the economic support of the public. In a video published Monday May 27 on Instagram, the singer announces the establishment of a prize pool to help her finance this project independently.

“I’m going to try to make a new record, but a new record the way I want to make it,” she explains to the camera.

“With girls that I like – and a few guys too – but on my own, not by selling my rights to majors or labels who don’t want me anyway,” continues the artist. “Because a 60-year-old pop singer is the only one who wants one. And maybe you?”

This collection was launched on the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank platform, for a period of one month. Internet users can donate a free amount or buy one of the packs provided (pre-order the physical album for 25 euros, the digital album for 15 euros, treat themselves to a raffle ticket for 10 euros or a tee-shirt). shirt at 45…).

Songs written by Hoshi or Corine

“If you want to listen to a new record, with songs, where I called the best female authors in France and Navarre…” announces Lio in his video. She gives more information in a note of intent published on the crowdfunding platform:

“I called on Hoshi, Corine, Owlle, Betta Lemme, Isia Marie and others to write songs for me. Because I am a singer above all and it is this new generation of girls which made me want to come back.”

“I started the models! But I don’t have the money to continue and make this record which has been traveling with me since 2020”, she continues, before concluding: “To your good heart, and to your wallets please .”

40% of the objective already achieved

The initiative seems to have found its audience. As the singer rejoices on the platform, 40% of the hoped-for sum has already been collected in 24 hours, with 392 contributions and 496 pre-orders. Those who would like to support the project still have 28 days to do so.

Lio became known in the 1980s with the hits Banana Split, Brunettes don’t count for plums Or Should not start. His latest album, Lio Canta Caymmidates from 2018. At the same time, she has led an eclectic career as an actress, a TV hook juror (New star, between 2008 and 2010) and has distinguished herself on numerous occasions through feminist speeches. She recently testified about rape by her stepfather, of which she was a victim as a child.

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