Tibo InShape, Squeezie, Cyprien… Who are the 5 most followed French YouTubers?

Tibo InShape, Squeezie, Cyprien… Who are the 5 most followed French YouTubers?
Tibo InShape, Squeezie, Cyprien… Who are the 5 most followed French YouTubers?

With 19 million subscribers, YouTuber Tibo InShape overtook Squeezie as the leading YouTuber in France, on the night of Saturday May 25 to Sunday May 26.

Thibaud Delapart, 32, aka Tibo InShape, had 19,000 more subscribers than Lucas Hauchard, better known by his pseudonym Squeezie, last Sunday. However, in terms of views, Squeezie remains well ahead of French YouTubers with an average of nearly 8 million views on his latest videos. Tibo InShape has “only” 630,000 views on average.

And it is this data that counts. The advertising network of Google, the owner of YouTube since 2006, distributes targeted advertisements, often sold for around €1 per 1,000 views. Enough to provide the most followed French YouTubers with income amounting to hundreds of thousands of euros per month.

► Tibo InShape: 19 million subscribers

After being attacked at the age of 17, Thibaud Delapart decided in 2009 to transform his body. Bodybuilding became a real passion for him and he decided to create his YouTube channel in 2013 to show his physical evolution. Oriented towards fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition and a lifestyle that he defines as ” healthy “, the channel then successfully diversified its content.

He then adds humor and entertainment to his muscles with vlogs (video blogs), challenges and videos in which he introduces people to different professions or professional worlds. These latest videos are titled “The Worst Employee at Leclerc” or “24 hours in an ultra-secure nuclear power plant”.

In addition to videos on YouTube, Tibo InShape posts content every day on TikTok and Instagram, so it is present on a daily basis for a large number of subscribers.

► Squeezie: 18.9 million subscribers

Known since 2011 for his videos on video games with let’s playgame tests and humorous videos, Squeezie has for several years been offering challenges, collaborative videos with other YouTubers, and musical projects in particular with the duo Bigflo and Oli.

Aged 28, he found the right mix between boundless energy, unbridled humor and a fast pace of video with numerous cuts, transitions and visual effects.

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Its two editions of the Grand Prix Explorer, a Formula 4 race on the Le Mans circuit bringing together Internet personalities, were very successful. In 2023, in addition to the 60,000 people present on site, 1.3 million people watched the race live on Twitch, a record in France.

After a four-month hiatus, Squeezie resumed posting on May 18. His latest video has already been viewed more than 10 million times.

► Cyprien: 14.5 million subscribers

A pioneer in the field, Cyprien Iov began his videos on YouTube in 2009. Most often standing in his apartment, facing the camera, he produces humorous sketches on everyday themes such as coffee, series or even work meetings… His videos quickly reached several million views.

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In 2013 he created a special video games channel with Squeezie and began to diversify his activity. He thus launched his comic strip Roger and his humans in 2015, then his first video game in 2016. He is also an actor in television series.

He remained the leading French YouTuber in terms of number of subscribers between 2013 and 2019, before being overtaken by Squeezie. In 2020, as for Norman and Squeezie, his videos experienced a drop in audience according to the magazine Capital.

► Norman: 11.5 million subscribers

Before starting on YouTube, Norman Thavaud made himself known on Dailymotion with his comedy group made up of Hugo Tout Seul and Kemar. In 2011, he launched his own channel and uses the same codes as Cyprien, with a similar posture and sketches of around four minutes on everyday themes. The two quickly established themselves as stars among a young audience who impatiently waited for the release of the next video.

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Norman Thavaud, however, saw his star fade. He is accused of sexual harassment, rape and corruption of minors. On December 5, 2022, he was taken into police custody and YouTube demonetized his videos. The preliminary investigation will be dismissed but since this case, the YouTuber has not released any new videos on his YouTube channel.

► Michou: 9.67 million subscribers

Last on the list to have created his channel, in 2015, Miguel Mattioli alias Michou gained his notoriety via videos made on video games Clash Royale And Fortnite. This last game enjoyed worldwide success which helped Michou make himself known while he was still a high school student.

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Subsequently, he also diversified, particularly in music. His first music video In the club reached one million views in three hours. He participates in the TF1 show “Dancing with the Stars” in 2021 and will finish third in the competition. A show that he will broadcast on Twitch in March 2024, renamed “Dancing with the Internet Stars”.



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