an intimate, natural and committed restaurant nestled in the heart of old Strasbourg

An intimate table, a true theater of gastronomic experiences influenced by nature… let’s open the doors of the Ondine restaurant together, at Petite France. Between requirement and sensitivity, delicacy and simplicity, focus on a hidden nugget that we would almost like to keep secret.

Ondine and her dozen place settings are revealed in the heart of the Petite France district in Strasbourg. In this hut of elegant sobriety, chefs Noémie D’Hooge and Marin Remy busy in their open kitchen.

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Here, an atmosphere full of gentleness, calm and soothing reignsand as soon as you walk through the door something happens and curiosity sharpens.

Even before being seated, and the shared experience of the guests begins, we notice the curves and clean lines of the custom-made furniture, the care given to the art of the table, to the materials, to the atmosphere.

Committed and natural cuisine inspired by nature

For chef Marin Remy and chef Noémie D’Hooge, respecting the course of the seasons to the letter is obvious.

Based on respect for local biodiversitytheir cuisine takes its Source from artisans all around us who cultivate and raise the best of our regionsfrom root vegetables to exceptional meat.

And since there can be respect for nature and the living, Ondine’s cuisine is largely based on working with plants, but not only.

Also, travel, the harvests and culinary experiences of our two chefs have influenced their techniques and their gastronomic approach. Diversity of flavors and perfumes is therefore more important than ever.

Indoors, it’s Valeria Barrera who leads the dance and offers, with the expertise of a passionate sommelier, a fine selection of wines and non-alcoholic drinks.

Restaurant Ondine
© Pauline Gouablin / Documents provided

Here too, since nature is one of the leading files, the Ondine restaurant team offers both natural, biodynamic wines, but also fermented drinks, juices and homemade preparations in perfect harmony with the dishes.

On the menu at the moment, spring brings us asparagus, kohlrabi, smoked trout, white butter, Jerusalem artichoke, cereals, lemon, but also koji and other delicacies that you may find on your menu.

This one will be offered in 4 moments at 59 euros, or in 6 moments at 89 euros.

With a wine pairing (curious or classic) at 56 euros, or non-alcoholic drinks at 38 euros, we travel through a gastronomic experience full of finesse, poetry and unique flavors (which was also praised in the Michelin guide).

Meet from Wednesday to Saturday evening, as well as Friday and Saturday lunchtime, for a suspended parenthesis.

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Gastronomic restaurant

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10 petite rue des Dentelles, in Strasbourg

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Tel: 03 88 52 02 91



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