“The trip seemed unreal”: Céleste, a 17-year-old Albigensian, climbed the steps of the Cannes Film Festival

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At only 17 years old, Céleste had the honor of walking on the famous red carpet of La Croisette. Thanks to her victory in the “motor competition”, the young girl is not ready to forget her stay at the Cannes festival.

She leaves with stars in her eyes. Céleste Bousquet-Cabanes had the privilege of climbing the steps of the Cannes Film Festival. And it was alongside the actor Samuel Le Bihan and the 24 winners of the Motor competition that the young girl was able to live one of the most significant experiences of her life.

“It was an incredible moment, beyond my expectations,” enthuses Céleste, just back from Cannes. Champagne, rhinestones and photographers… The young Albigensian can’t believe it: “The trip seemed unreal. I met Samuel Le Bihan, I walked near Bella Hadid!” A daydream, especially since the schedule was busy for the 25 winners of the competition.

The inauguration of the portraits at Cannes station
Céleste Bousquet-Cabanes – Céleste Bousquet-Cabanes

On May 22, the young people left to inaugurate their portraits at Cannes station. In the afternoon, they were able to watch all of their videos, “a strong and emblematic moment” for Céleste. The next day, the “Claps d’Or Engine” ceremony took place, followed by the famous climb of the steps. “I experienced this climb like a whirlwind! My brain was disconnected from reality,” explains the young girl.

The Clap d’Or Motor won by Céleste
Céleste Bousquet-Cabanes – Céleste Bousquet-Cabanes

But beyond the glitter of the festival, it is above all the friendships created by the competition which marked the young winners. “We created wonderful friendships. We are all connected by this experience and by our love for cinema.” The young girl congratulates herself, “it is thanks to this little extract of 1min30 that I find myself today on the terrace of the Palais des Festivals. I have come a long way and I am proud of it”.

An operation that turned his life upside down

Remember that this adventure started with a nightmare. After a major rib operation, Céleste finds herself distraught: she can no longer write, laugh or even cry. So she locks herself into the music “Intro” by Josman. “He was a real support during a time when I no longer felt alive.” And for this final year student, at the dawn of choosing her professional future, it is the time to participate in the “engine” experience. A competition that invites young people to make a short film about a person or place that inspires them.

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At 17, young Céleste dreams of one day becoming a writer or screenwriter for the cinema. This video is not only a first step in the audiovisual world, “it’s revenge for everything I’ve experienced. To remind me that life goes on.” From Monday, Céleste will resume her life as a high school student, but this adventure will symbolize the first stage of her long recovery.



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