“I am from the South, I claim it”: actor Matthieu Rodriguez, alias Achille in “Un si grand soleil”, confides in Cannes

“I am from the South, I claim it”: actor Matthieu Rodriguez, alias Achille in “Un si grand soleil”, confides in Cannes
“I am from the South, I claim it”: actor Matthieu Rodriguez, alias Achille in “Un si grand soleil”, confides in Cannes

The one who plays Achilles in “Un si grand soleil” will see his character take on more depth during the episodes in June with an intrigue around his adoptive father The Florist. We met the actor at the Cannes Film Festival where he saw lots of films and met many people.

You joined the series Such a big sun in 2021 to play the role of Achille, the son of Christophe, aka The Florist. Did you look for it?

I applied for this role. A casting director I knew suggested that I apply for the role of Louis. In the second round, she offered me the role of Achilles which was not expected to last long. But the writers decided to have me adopted into the family of Christophe and Cécile who play my adoptive parents. Now it’s been two and a half years. I am very happy.

What relationship did you have with images before?

I was lucky enough to have had a role in More beautiful life Before Such a big sun, and also in other series. But this is the first time that it has lasted, that there has been a recurrence. I discovered this.

Do you shoot almost at home?

I come from Gard. I was born in Nîmes. I have lived in Paris for three years. But I lived in Montpellier before joining the series. By the time I arrived in Paris, I learned that I was going to play the role of Achilles. It was poorly managed in terms of time (laughs). But yes, I’m from the South. I claim it.

But they didn’t take you for your accent.

No. I don’t have an accent. Sometimes it sticks out a little. When I see friends from the South again, the accent returns. But when I’m in Paris, I try to hide it. I know that in the theater, they like not to hear the accent too much. But hey, it doesn’t really stand out to me.

In the series, you lost your real parents and you were adopted by a family in which there is a serial killer.

There’s a serial killer, but my adoptive mother doesn’t know about it. He hides it well. But I would like to point out that he is a serial killer who kills bad guys. That said, should we kill the bad guys? I don’t know. I do not think so. But yes, it’s a secret that lurks around the family. In June, the story of this killer will continue. We’re going to learn a little more. The situation will change a lot. I can’t wait to see what it turns out to be. I had a blast shooting it mainly with Lalie who is a super-benevolent director of the series. The atmosphere was cool. We did this every day for almost a month. It’s good to have the same team rather than doing two days with one director, and then going with another. She knew how to work with me, and vice versa.

Will your character evolve?

Above all, he will grow. He will gain confidence in himself. We will realize that Achille has people behind him, friends. He has his real group of friends, Tom, played by Matéo Paitel and Noura played by Mariel-Louise Compain, who are my main friends in the series. Achilles since the beginning of the series, he has always been with his friends, protecting them like the character of Tom, when there was the story of Buddha Blue. Achille was ready to find the amount of money he owed the dealer. I look forward to seeing the results.

What do you bring to the character of Achilles?

I think I brought a lot of comedy. I love reading a text, and saying to myself: “Hey, I could say it that way.”. I try to bring a lot of humor and I even wonder if the writers didn’t see it. Sometimes I think they try to add little jokes. Achille remains the funny one, he’s the smallest of his friends. He’s the shyest. The one with the least experience with girls. I try to bring self-deprecation and humor. We have this freedom to change the way we say the text.

We are carrying out this interview in Cannes, in the France Télévisions space at the festival. What are you doing here ?

I came to see films. I see a lot of them. And besides, big crush on The Substance (“body horror” film in competition by Coralie Fargeat, Editor’s note). I also came to see some friends. I am not presenting a film. I’m just in a series and I like going to the movies. I am interested. If I were a baker and there was a bread fair, I would like to taste other people’s bread. There, it’s the same. This is my first time in Cannes. There are lots of different competitions. And then it’s nice to bring together all the cinema circles in one city. I’m having a good time.

You have a young career. When we’re at the Cannes Film Festival, do we have this little fantasy of seeing ourselves climb the steps with our partners for a film?

Obviously. It’s funny. We can imagine ourselves going up the stairs later. But the chances are small, so it remains, as you say, a fantasy. But it’s a bit of a dream. I hope to come back in a few years, that we do the same interview. But just meeting actors whose careers I really like is already a great pleasure.

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