Sébastien Cauet indicted for rape and sexual assault on minors following his custody

Sébastien Cauet indicted for rape and sexual assault on minors following his custody
Sébastien Cauet indicted for rape and sexual assault on minors following his custody
THOMAS SAMSON / AFP Sébastien Cauet, here at the Paris court on March 18.


Sébastien Cauet, here at the Paris court on March 18.

JUSTICE – He has just spent two days in police custody at the Minor Protection Brigade. The famous radio and TV host Sébastien Cauet was indicted this Friday, May 24, for rape and sexual assault on four women, three of whom were minors at the time of the alleged acts, the Paris prosecutor’s office told AFP, confirming information from RTL and BFMTV.

The former star presenter was placed under judicial supervision, “with in particular the obligation to pay a deposit of 100,000 euros” and of “follow care”, said the public prosecutor. According to BFMTV, Cauet’s lawyers intend to appeal the terms of this judicial review.

Regular check-in at the police station

His judicial review also implies that he “points regularly” at the police station, that he does not enter “in contact or with the people who filed a complaint or testified” and that he does not exercise “certain activities to avoid the repetition of facts”.

As requested by the Paris prosecutor’s office, the two investigating judges indicted him by retaining the aggravating circumstance of minority of more than 15 years for three of the four victims identified, over a period from 1997 to 2014.

The 52-year-old presenter, a known figure on the radio for thirty years, was the star presenter of NRJ where he stood out with his trashy outings on the microphone… until his withdrawal from the air at the end of November, in the wake of the first rape accusations. He disputes all of these accusations.

Other charges dismissed due to statute of limitations

Cauet is suspected of having raped a 16-year-old girl in November 2014 in Geneva. He is also accused of having raped another young girl, aged 15, in December 1997 in Paris, and of having sexually assaulted a third 17-year-old girl in December 2012. He is also accused of the rape of an adult, born in October 1973. It was allegedly committed in 2011 in Paris.

Other women have accused the host of sexual violence. These facts “are not part of the referral to the investigating judge, due to their prescription”explained the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Me Anne-Claire Le Jeune, lawyer for two of them, however welcomed the opening of a judicial investigation. She “will make it possible to establish the reality of the facts denounced” even if “certain facts are not covered (…) due to the limitation period”.

The words of victims of acts, even prescribed ones, are never in vain and this case is a new illustration,” said Me Le Jeune, whose clients filed a complaint for sexual assault in 1997 and for rape in the mid-1990s. .

Cauet says he is the victim of slanderous denunciation

Cauet sent a press release from his lawyers to the media on Thursday, calling on them to ” restraint “. “The time for justice is not the time for the media”, argued his advisors, Messrs Xavier Autain and Simon Clémenceau. The latter also wanted to emphasize that their client had gone “freely” with the investigators, “to be able to answer point by point, all the questions asked”.

In this case, Cauet claims to be the victim of cyberharassment, slanderous denunciation and attempted extortion. He filed a complaint, leading to the opening of two preliminary investigations in Nanterre, for which he was heard at the end of 2023.

But for the person concerned, these investigations do not “the subject of diligent treatment by the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office”. He still claims to suffer the offenses denounced.

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