Benjamin Szwarc (The Voice) died at 29: this project which was close to his heart and which he did not have time to realize

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Benjamin Szwarc died at the age of 29. A candidate from “The Voice”, who participated with him in the blind auditions in 2021 on TF1, reacted to his disappearance. She revealed that the young singer had a project that he did not have time to realize.

Benjamin Szwarc (The Voice) died at 29: this project which was close to his heart and which he did not have time to realize

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This Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 9:10 p.m., TF1 will broadcast the grand finale of season 13 of The Voice. A few days before this, Nikos Aliagas’ TV show was mourned by the disappearance of one of its former candidates.

Benjamin Szwarc, who stood out at his blind auditions in 2021, died at the age of 29. The sad news, first announced by Cyril Cinélu, winner of the Star Academy 6, was confirmed by his family on Facebook. She mentioned an accidental death that occurred on Saturday May 18.

It is with immense sadness that we announce the accidental death of Benjamin on May 18, 2024. Benjamin was an artist to the depths of his soul. More than anything, he loved singing, acting, dancing and making people laugh. Although he left too soon, Benjamin left behind precious messages that we will try to discover and understand. Rest in peace. We will love you all our lives“, wrote Illona Szwarc while concluding her message: “Illona, ​​Jonathan and his parents“.

Under this publication, a candidate from the same season as Benjamin Szwarc reacted to his disappearance. “How sad, we had passed the auditions for The Voice together. He told us that his voice was special and he dreamed of doing dubbing. Such a beautiful person leaves us today“, commented Anaïd B., who had succeeded in successively seducing Vianney and Marc Lavoine on the set of the TF1 music show.

Benjamin Szwarc, for his part, did not succeed in passing the blind audition stage. None of the coaches turned around during their performance. However, his interpretation of Dream by Mylène Farmer had been praised. “It’s super interesting, you have something so special that you’ll be able to have fun with it to be able to sing and provoke lots of situations”Florent Pagny reacted, while Amel Bent insisted: “I loved all your note choices. You have a musicality when you decide to move the melody, which is really superb“.

Had he not qualified beyond the blind auditions of The Voice 2021, Benjamin Szwarc managed to impress the audience with his interpretation and his high voice. After his time on the TF1 talent show set, he released a few titles available on Spotify, alongside humorous clips broadcast on social networks. On the other hand, he did not have time to realize his project of doing dubbing.



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