The Ali Zaoua Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary

The Ali Zaoua Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary
The Ali Zaoua Foundation celebrates its tenth anniversary

Children learn to juggle during the circus workshop organized by the Nojoum Sidi Moumen Cultural Center on April 27. Credit: Ali Zaoua Foundation / Momkin Cooperative

It was in a festive atmosphere that the Ali Zaoua Foundation celebrated its tenth anniversary this Thursday, May 23, at the Les Étoiles Cultural Center in Sidi Moumen. An exceptional event which highlighted the remarkable action of its six centers spread across the Kingdom, witnesses to a decade of cultural enrichment and emancipation of young people

Since its creation in 2014, the Ali Zaoua Foundation has established itself as a key player in the Moroccan cultural scene, working tirelessly to defend cultural rights and support local communities. Its innovative educational, social and cultural programs have enabled thousands of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to flourish and emancipate themselves through artistic and cultural expression.

This anniversary evening was an opportunity to retrace the remarkable achievements of the Ali Zaoua Foundation and to highlight the positive impact of its actions on the Moroccan cultural landscape. A multidisciplinary exhibition allowed visitors to discover the richness and diversity of the programs initiated by the organization, while dance, music and other artistic performances punctuated the evening, highlighting talent and creativity young people supported by the Foundation.

The ceremony was also an opportunity to present the new strategic projects developed by the Ali Zaoua Foundation, which aim to strengthen its commitment to Moroccan culture and youth. Among these projects are the Ali Zaoua Academy of Cultural Professions, the Digit’Ali cultural e-learning platform and the artistic education program within public establishments.

A decade of hope and inspiration

This celebration marks an important milestone in the history of the Ali Zaoua Foundation “, declared Sophia Akhmisse, Executive Director of the Ali Zaoua Foundation. “ We are proud of how far we have come and grateful to everyone who has contributed to our success over the past ten years. This anniversary is also a new beginning, an opportunity to reaffirm our unwavering commitment to promoting culture and giving young people the means to flourish and contribute to a more radiant Morocco. “, she added.

Created by director Nabil Ayouch and author and painter Mahi Binebine, the Ali Zaoua Foundation is a remarkable example of associative commitment in Morocco. Her exemplary action and concrete achievements make her a model to follow for all those working for a fairer and more enlightened Morocco.

By blowing out its tenth candle, the Ali Zaoua Foundation confirms its role as a catalyst for positive change in Morocco. His unwavering commitment to culture and youth is a Source of hope and inspiration for all those who aspire to a more radiant Morocco on the international cultural scene.

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