how Celine Dion discovered her stiff person syndrome

how Celine Dion discovered her stiff person syndrome
how Celine Dion discovered her stiff person syndrome

The Canadian singer confides in “Vogue” about the beginnings of her illness, and the medical wandering she went through before the diagnosis.

Celine Dion, suffering from stiff person syndrome, has felt the effects for more than ten years. This is what she tells Vogue in an interview published Thursday May 23. As the release of his documentary approaches I am: Celine Dionwhich will recount her fight against illness, the Quebec singer evokes the first appearances of this disorder which keeps her away from the stage.

It was only in December 2022, when she was forced to cancel the final dates of her world tour after multiple postponements, that the superstar revealed to the world that she suffered from this rare neurological disease. However, its effects had begun to be felt more than ten years earlier, in 2008, during its Taking Chances World Tour.

“Quite quickly, I had difficulty controlling my voice,” Céline Dion recalled to the fashion magazine.

“She went very far into the high notes, and then she was seized with spasms,” she continues. “As a singer, the first thing to do is to see an otolaryngologist (…). They examined my vocal cords and told me they were immaculate.”

“I had to hold on to things”

Celine Dion finished the tour, followed by a 7-year residency in Las Vegas and several additional tours, before noticing new symptoms: “I started having trouble walking. I had to hold on to objects.”

It was only thanks to Covid-19 that the singer of For you to love me again looked into the problem: “When the pandemic arrived, I told myself that the universe was not making mistakes, and that I was going to take advantage of this period and this opportunity to research. After years of playing hide and seek with myself, my friends, my family, my children… I didn’t want to be brave anymore. It was time for me to be smart.”

After extensive examinations, the diagnosis finally came: “I was happy. I could finally follow the wave instead of fighting against it.”

A film about his new life

According to the American Institutes of Health (NIH), stiff man syndrome is a rare neurological disorder with features of an autoimmune disease.

It is characterized by “fluctuating rigidity of the muscles in the trunk and limbs and increased sensitivity to external stimulations such as noise, touch, emotional distress… Which can trigger muscle spasms”.

Expected for June 25 on Prime Video, I am: Celine Dion will offer “a raw and honest behind-the-scenes look at the superstar’s struggle with a life-changing illness,” according to a release. The trailer for this film directed by Irene Taylor was unveiled on Thursday May 23.

Celine Dion has increased her appearances in recent months. She first surprised the public Grammy Awards, on February 4, when he came to present an award to Taylor Swift. She also regularly publishes photos of herself with her three sons, René-Charles, Nelson and Eddy Angelil, behind the scenes of sporting events. They were recently immortalized with Mick Jagger in Las Vegas, after a Rolling Stones concert. The singer also posed for the front page of Vogue last April.

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