8 global celebrities who own a house in France

These celebrities who own a house in France

Miraval Castle, property of Brad Pitt and emblem of celebrity homes.© MICHEL GANGNE/AFP via Getty Images

Brad Pitt: Miraval Castle in Provence

In 2012, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt set their sights on the famous Château Miraval in the Var. The couple first rented this veritable palace, before spending $60 million to become owners of the place, including the vineyard, which allowed them to launch their own wine. They celebrated their wedding on these lands in 2014, and it is said that Brad Pitt would have given a modern character to certain parts of this property dating from the 17th century.e century, installing a spa, a gym, a home theater, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a video games room, an off-road motorcycle course, and even a helicopter landing pad. In 2010, Angelina Jolie reportedly had a 200-year-old olive tree moved to the 500-hectare property. Things took a turn for the worse after the couple divorced in 2016. Angelina Jolie chose to sell her stake in the company, a decision that sparked a legal imbroglio (still ongoing) between the two stars. Brad Pitt remains the owner of the estate, and in 2021, he joined forces with French producer Damien Quintard to resurrect from its ashes a legendary recording studio present on this estate which had belonged to jazz pianist Jacques Loussier.

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Amal and George Clooney: a Provençal bastide

” To live happy, live hidden ” ? Despite the adage, Amal and George Clooney chose to settle in Brignoles, in the South of France, where they were recently seen walking, hand in hand, accompanied by a puppy. It must be said that they are far from going unnoticed… especially after the purchase in May 2021 of the Canadel wine estate, a superb 18th century bastidee century. Still under renovation, the 900 square meter building is in the same transalpine style as their house on Lake Como. It extends over 172 hectares of land, including woods, an olive grove, a vineyard, a lake and a lavender field. Decorated in pure Provençal style, the villa also has a swimming pool and a tennis court.

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Sofia Coppola: an apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés

The director explains to ELLE magazine how attached she is to Paris, a city that she particularly holds close to her heart, and where she owns an apartment: ” I love paris ! I often came there with my parents. I feel at home here, we have an apartment in Saint-Germain-des-Prés and my father-in-law has vineyards in the South. » Sofia Coppola would thus follow in the footsteps of German icons like Jane Birkin, Charlotte Rampling or Andrée Putman, who owned a large loft with a terrace in the neighborhood. According to Vanity Fair, Sofia Coppola and her husband Thomas Mars, singer of the music group Phoenix, still own this property.

Natalie Portman ChampdeMars mansion staircase

© Courtesy of Philippe Menager-Nicolas Hug.

Natalie Portman: a private mansion on the Champ-de-Mars, in Paris

The former embassy built in 1912, and bought by French businessman Yves Vatelot in the 1990s, has been completely renovated and today stands out as a unique mansion of its kind. The architectural setting of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, located a few steps from the Eiffel Tower and nestled on the edge of the Champ-de-Mars gardens, extends over 550 square meters. The historic district of the 7th arrondissement, renowned for its green spaces, its ideal setting and its emblematic monuments, attracts travelers from around the world and wealthy international clientele. Natalie Portman’s new home sits alongside that of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI, WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum and real estate developer Olivier Mitterrand, nephew of former President of the Republic François Mitterrand.

Cline Dion's private mansion in Paris

Celine Dion’s former villa put up for sale in Villa Montmorency, Paris.© Kretz

Celine Dion: a house in Villa Montmorency

Popular with celebrities looking for a confidential address, Villa Montmorency deploys its cobbled paths in the heart of the village of Auteuil, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. In 2017, Céline Dion put up for sale her private mansion there which covers more than 600 m² including a spa, a cinema room, an indoor swimming pool and even a photo laboratory. Behind the wrought iron gates, the avenues lined with lime trees and poplars hide from view. Designed by an architect, Céline Dion’s private mansion boasts one of the most beautiful gardens at Villa Montmorency and a terrace with panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower; the Art Deco spirit reigns supreme in this interior where personalities from the worlds of art and politics lived, such as Victor Hugo, Marc Chagall and Léon Blum.

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Pete Doherty: a house on the cliffs of Étretat

After his detoxification treatments, Pete Doherty seems to have found the path to rebirth, at the age of 44, in a house in France near Étretat. He settled there with his wife in a campervan, in 2021, before occupying his in-laws’ home. “A beautiful house on the heights of the city. The sun saturates the bay windows, guitars colonize the sofas, and the desire for a sedentary lifestyle was born from the first confinement”describe Release. His Instagram publications actually give a glimpse of the famous cliffs from his window. An idyllic setting, which he shares with his family and his two dogs, Gladys and Zeus. The poetry of the place brings us closer to the heart of the rocker, sensitive and literate – a delicacy that was not previously attributed to him, where scandals and excesses took precedence over the rest.

Lenny Kravitz bedroom black curtains steel and leather bed with integrated nightstands Elda armchair suede covered cushions

In Lenny Kravitz’s bedroom, upstairs, a steel and leather bed with integrated nightstands (Kravitz Design), an armchair Elda with cushions covered in suede by Joe Colombo, a chest of drawers by Paul Evans (Todd Merrill Antiques) topped with a portrait of the American soprano Leontyne Price found at flea markets. Candelabra, wall lights and Zénith chandelier (Baccarat).© Vincent Leroux / directed by Olivier Foltzer

Lenny Kravitz: his Parisian mansion

Initially, the star had decided to acquire a castle outside the city. The castle was found, until this evening spent with friends, grouped in a single room so as not to feel a little lost in the immensity of the residence. Back to Paris, then, and on – almost – more reasonable proportions, with a private mansion in the middle of greenery, in the middle of a string of embassies. Lenny Kravitz has a sure eye for beautiful things. After two years of work, the 1,500 m² of this residence looks nothing like the 5-star palaces found from Miami to Shanghai. Here are the sofas Togo by Michel Ducaroy, chests of drawers by Paul Evans, pieces by Gabriella Crespi, Ado Chale, Karl Springer, Philippe Hiquily and Joe Colombo which occupy most of the spaces, from the living room to the monumental staircase. This welcomes at its summit ” the monster “one of Paul Evans’ most beautiful works, to which the singer gave this nickname and which has been following him for several years already.

Novak Djokovic during his match with Alejandro Tabilo in 2024.

Novak Djokovic during his match with Alejandro Tabilo in 2024.© Tullio Puglia/Getty Images

Novak Djokovic: a residence in Monte-Carlo

Like many professional athletes such as Stefanos Tsitsipas and Caroline Wozniacki, Novak Djokovic purchased a residence in Monte Carlo for an undisclosed amount shortly after entering the professional world in 2003. According to reports, the athlete began spending a lot of time in Monaco from the age of 17, due to the tournaments he played there and the residence of his coach. What little is known about the property is that it sits on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean and that Novak Djokovic considered it his primary residence for around 15 years before moving to Spain in 2020. In Monte Carlo , the professional athlete frequents the Monte-Carlo Country Club. In 2023, he declares: “It’s a club that I know very well. Many top players reside in Monaco and use this club as a training base. The club changes completely during tournament weeks, but it’s a great feeling to be able to sleep in your own bed after a match. » He still owns this residence.



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