Saint-Martin’s tribute to Jean Yves Marcelin

Saint-Martin’s tribute to Jean Yves Marcelin
Saint-Martin’s tribute to Jean Yves Marcelin

It is with great emotion that the testimonies reach us to pay tribute to Jean Yves Marcelin, who died on May 7. He was 55 years old. A great figure in Saint-Martin community life, he leaves the memory of “a caring, altruistic person, who gave of himself without counting. He was a pacifist and humanist,” says a relative.

A busy community life

Indeed, since his arrival in Saint-Martin in 2006, he has continued to be involved, particularly in favor of families in difficulty. “He set up operations to collect school supplies for poor families. He was involved in the fight against illiteracy and HIV. He went out of his way to raise awareness during the Covid period. And above all, he carried out collections to help people after natural disasters, particularly in Haiti.

Presenter of the show J’Haïti Chérie, he was also very active behind the camera, present during major events and also to pay tribute during funerals. Jean Yves Marcelin also often intervened to support the condition of Haitian migrants.

Already in 2008, he created a television channel, CAS TV, then the competition “Christmas la Kay” to highlight local and Haitian gems and talents. He will continue in this direction with the creation of the Talents créoles association, which highlights young talents.

“He wanted to make the history of Haiti known to the population of Saint-Martin”

In 2014, Jean Yves Marcelin organized the commemoration of the Haitian bicolor on May 18. “He wanted to make the history of Haiti known to the population of Saint-Martin”, explains a relative. Each year, the commemoration continues. “His great pride will be in establishing an agreement with the Haitian associations of Sint Maarten to alternate the celebrations from one year to the next between the French and Dutch sides.” Like November 11 for Saint Martin’s Day. Jean Yves Marcelin will leave an indelible mark in Saint-Martin.

His twin brother shows his admiration for him

Present for the funeral of his twin brother, Jean Mary Marcelin paid him a vibrant tribute. “My brother was a Haitian intellectual heritage who cultivated a sense of love of neighbor, respect, honesty, professional and family responsibility. With this I can say out loud that the stem of the Marcelin family is broken. Jean Yves Marcelin leaves behind a 23-year-old son, a computer engineering student, and an 8-year-old daughter in Haiti.

They said

Angela Dormoy

President of the CCISM

It was in itself, this little link between the words avant-garde, know-how, master key, and above all creative genius. The union between Haiti and Saint-Martin. His hard work to highlight Haitian culture, music, and community in Saint-Martin is living proof. Jean-Yves loved Haiti, and Haiti loved him. Jean-Yves loved Saint-Martin, and Saint-Martin loved him. The business show that we were to do together will be in your honor Jean-Yves. May the earth be light to you and May your legacy continue.

Philippe Philidor

Territorial advisor of Saint-Martin

Jean Yves Marcelin, known affectionately as “Jean-Yves Haiti Chérie”, has passed away, leaving behind a legacy of generosity, dedication and passion for his homeland and his community. For many years, Jean-Yves was much more than just a member of our company, he was a true pillar. His unfailing commitment to the well-being and development of the Haitian community in Saint-Martin has been exemplary. Jean-Yves has devoted his entire life to serving others, to defending the values ​​of mutual aid, solidarity and fraternity which make our society rich. His benevolence, his kindness and his joy of life were contagious and he leaves behind an immense void in our hearts and in our communities.



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