Teen violently attacked: “He was beaten like a dog”

Teen violently attacked: “He was beaten like a dog”
Teen violently attacked: “He was beaten like a dog”

The mother of a young boy brutally attacked over his phone last week deplores the lack of reaction from the authorities as violence increases, particularly among young people.

“My son is scared, he was beaten like a dog and he no longer wants to go to school. He could have died and we did nothing,” denounces Lidy Pintro, the mother of a 14-year-old boy.

On Friday May 17, Mme Pintro was called by his son’s school in the afternoon. He had just been beaten up at lunchtime, in front of the Rebecca Pizza restaurant, in Saint-Michel, in Montreal.

“Some young people from his school took his phone and wanted to extort his sweater. Just for that, they hit him on the head, then beat him violently. No one came to help him,” laments the mother, still in shock.

She asked to preserve her son’s identity to avoid retaliation.

Second attack

According to the story that the mother gave to Newspaper, a few hours later, friends of his attackers allegedly attacked the young boy a second time. They even hit her in the arm with a sharp object, says the woman who also has a 6-year-old daughter.

“They told him he shouldn’t have hit back and that he should apologize. They made him kneel down to beg for forgiveness and hit him with something that looked like a knife,” continued M.me Pintro.

The SPVM confirmed having been called for a fight and met with the 14-year-old victim as well as the school. An investigation into this event continues. The police force was not able to confirm the second event last night.

On Thursday, the mother of Haitian origin discovered that the attack in front of the school had been filmed by young people. She then saw all the violence to which her son was the victim.

“I can’t stop crying every time I see these pictures, I can’t believe it’s my son in the video. My son is not a bandit, he is not a thief, he is not in a gang,” she says, her voice cracking with emotion.


After seeing what happened Tuesday evening on the Plateau, when three young men – including one only 15 years old – were stabbed to death in a fight, Mr.me Pintro does not hide his fear for his son’s safety.

“It’s been a week and I haven’t heard from the police,” she asks herself.

The latter also deplores the fact that she has no help even though she has been experiencing a lot of distress since the attack suffered by her son.

“I am far from being the only mother, the only parent to experience this. There are too many similar crimes with people who are afraid to speak, but we parents suffer,” continues M.me Pintro.

“I want justice to be done,” the mother finishes.

With Andy St-André, TVA Nouvelles, and Olivier FaucherThe Journal de Montréal

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