for Mother’s Day, this very symbolic cake prepared for her by her children George, Charlotte and Louis

The lives of the members of the British royal family has been completely disrupted in recent months. King Charles III, shortly after ascending the throne, developed cancer. And it is the same with Kate Middleton, whose state of health still remains unknown. Only some brief news was transmitted by Prince William, but without the king’s son getting lost in details.

Twice, Kate Middleton’s husband simply affirmed that the Princess of Wales is doing well, as is the rest of her family. This is notably what he declared during a trip to the Isles of Scilly, during the month of May. This difficult year for the princely couple clearly does not prevent them from having good times together. This situation recalls some beautiful memorieslike when their children gave their mother a special cake for Mother’s Day in 2021.

George, Charlotte and Louis gave Kate Middleton a giant cake for Mother’s Day

In March 2021, Kate Middleton was entitled to an amazing surprise on Mother’s Day. George, Charlotte and Louis have indeed decided to prepare a cake for the Princess of Wales. But the recipe they followed was a far cry from the pomp that usually surrounds the British royal family. Instead of buying a luxurious cake, they preferred to make it themselves.

In a photo published on Instagram, the public was able to see the cake prepared by George, Charlotte and Louis. It took the form of a tiered cake, visibly high. All along the edges, the children of the Princess of Wales placed balls of cream covered with smarties. And to top it all off, heart-shaped decorations top this cake.

photo credit: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal Kate Middleton’s children’s cake

A cake in honor of Kate Middleton, but also of Lady Diana

The cake baked by Prince George and his siblings Charlotte and Louis is a testament to the love they have for their mother. However, the children of the Prince and Princess of Wales also had a thought for their grandmother, Lady Diana. On Instagram, the photo of the cake was also accompanied by photos of heartbreaking notes written by George, Charlotte and Louis for “Grandma Diana”.

“Dear Grandma Diana. Happy Mother’s Day. I love you very much and I always think of you. Sending you lots of love, from George”, first wrote the eldest of Prince William and Kate Middleton. About the Princess Charlottethen aged five, she prepared a pink card with a colorful heart drawn on the front, on which she wrote: “Dear Grandma Diana. I’m thinking of you this Mother’s Day. »

photo credit: Shutterstock Kate Middleton’s three children

A Mother’s Day also dedicated to Kate Middleton’s mother

Prince Louis did not write such an elaborate word for Lady Diana. The youngest child of Kate Middleton and Prince William simply wrote his name on another card. Thus, Mother’s Day in March 2021 was also a moving moment in memory of the former Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

photo credit: Shutterstock Kate Middleton and Prince William

Another woman was in the spotlight this Mother’s Day. On Instagram, the Prince and Princess of Wales published a photo of Kate Middleton with her mother, Carole Middleton. The cliché is old, since Prince William’s wife appears very young. Almost all the women in the royal family’s entourage were then entitled to a thought that day.



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