Why the sale of Elvis Presley’s world-famous estate is blocked

Why the sale of Elvis Presley’s world-famous estate is blocked
Why the sale of Elvis Presley’s world-famous estate is blocked

UA judge in Tennessee, in the south of the United States, ordered the suspension of the Graceland auction, at the request of representatives of actress Riley Keough, granddaughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley and daughter of the late Lisa Marie Presley.

The sale was supposed to take place on Thursday, but Riley Keough filed a lawsuit to prevent it.

The sale of the property, which has become a museum and an important place of pilgrimage for fans of the rock’n’roll legend, was requested by the company Naussany Investments & Private Lending, which assures that Lisa Marie Presley had put it up for sale. guarantee of a $3.8 million loan taken out with it in 2018.

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False documents

But Riley Keough, 34, assures in his complaint filed in mid-May that these loan documents are fake.

The judge said he was suspending the sale until a trial rules on the authenticity of the documents.

This “property is considered unique under Tennessee law and, as such, its loss would be considered irreparable harm,” the judge said.

The decision was welcomed by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc., which manages Graceland.

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“There will be no sale”

“The court has made it clear that the documents are invalid,” the company said in a statement. “There will be no sale.”

“Graceland will continue, as it has for 42 years, to ensure that Elvis fans from around the world enjoy a first-class experience when visiting this iconic home,” she added.

It was in this house that the famous singer was found unconscious in August 1977, before his death, at the age of 42, was pronounced in hospital shortly after.

The heiress of the “King” died

Lisa Marie Presley, who was the heir to the “King”, died in January 2023.

His will had been contested by his mother Priscilla Presley, who said she had been ousted for the benefit of her granddaughter Riley Keough without this change being presented to her during her daughter’s lifetime.

A compromise was found between the family parties in May 2023.



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