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A joint project announced between Ninho and Niska

A joint project announced between Ninho and Niska
A joint project announced between Ninho and Niska

Good news for music lovers. Music fans, especially French rap, will soon have the opportunity to discover a joint project on which we find Niska and Ninho.

The two rappers, who have collaborated many times in the past, have agreed to produce an album together.

Great news for the various fans of the two artists, already impatient to know the release date of the famous album.

Before Ninho and Niska, other stars like Dadju and Tayc, or even Gazo and Tiakola, unveiled joint albums.

This collaboration between Niska and Ninho would therefore only be the continuation of what fans have already known.

Following the announcement of Niska and Ninho’s joint project, many reactions flooded the web.

Among them, that of Booba, who did not fail to tickle the two artists in a post relayed on his X account, ex-Twitter.

Ninho and you? Aren’t you tired of being a victim? Broke like Walid, exiled to Portugal for taxes. It’s the wholesalers’ role», Posted Booba towards the interpreter of “The life we ​​lead”, before attacking his former sidekick, Niska.

Ninho, joint album with Stanislas (Niska). Not men!!!»wrote Le Duc before adding a caption linked to Aya. “She confirmed it to me“.

Booba thus takes a dim view of the collaboration between the two rappers. But his opinion seems to matter very little to fans of Niska and Ninho.

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