The tree of literature is in its burst buds

Organized by the Maison des arts littéraires (MAL), an entity itself emanating from the Corporation du Salon du livre de l’Outaouais (SLO), Bourgeons Éclatés promises a host of fun activities for children.

MAL considers this young audience as “little buds of readers”. This is why visitors will be able to leave taking “seeds or a plant” to make it flower… a plant metaphor for the “love of words” that flowers and the vocabulary that we water.

At the turn of Bourgeons bursts, budding readers will be able to meet the cartoonist Iris Boudreau (Botanica Drama; series Otherspublished in the monthly review Curium), attend a show dealing with the power of words (and friendship), enjoy an exhibition inspired by a poetic initiative led by writers Joséphine Bacon and Laure Morali, or even participate in poetry, reading and creating banners.

Access to the site (and activities) is free, but each activity offers a limited number of places; also reservations (links below) are recommended.

>>>“Almost all the images of the characters and objects were taken from the book; we isolated them and reused them,” testifies cartoonist Iris Boudreau, who scripted the web series The list of things that existco-directed by his accomplice Cathon. (Courtesy/Courtesy)>>>

Iris Boudreau

Iris Boudreau is also co-author of the comic strip The list of things that exist, made with four hands with Cathon. Their series was adapted into an animated web series, co-produced by the NFB and the editions of La Pastèque and the ONF, in collaboration with Télé-Québec.

Visitors will have the opportunity to watch three episodes of this List animated by things that exist May 24 from 8:50 a.m. (full) and 5 p.m.: 54 places (in pajamas, with bonus popcorn), as well as May 25 at 2 p.m. (with popcorn).

The screenings will take place in the presence of the cartoonist, who will take the opportunity to talk about her passion for drawing and to answer questions from the public (reservation here).

Patsy Van Roost will host the banner creation workshop. The one nicknamed the “Mile End Fairy” suggests writing “what you like most” on a banner to then display in plain sight (on a balcony, for example) in order to initiate a dialogue with the neighbors or passers-by. (five workshops are planned; reservations here).

Secret words

The show The secret words, which is based on a text by Louise Dupré, allows us to realize that “words are the super glue that binds us together”. It is carried by “two athletic, electric performers, and by the solar presence of an incredible magician-musician” (Marilyn Perreault, Jobel Paris and Michel F. Côté), and is aimed at ages 7 and over. (Three performances are planned, two of which are already sold out; reservations here).


“This man had absolute knowledge of the territory,” says Laure Morali, speaking of her friend Shimun. (COURTESY/COURTESY)


Young shoots will be able to benefit from a poetry, coloring and reading workshop led by the writer Lula Carballo (Creatures of chance). The latter will read some extracts from her youth album Together we travel and will suggest finding original ways to say ‘I love you’ during the bedtime routine (six workshops planned; reservations here).

Joséphine Bacon and Laure Morali traveled through the ten Innu communities of Quebec for four years, a journey during which the two writers met more than a thousand children, whom they were able to support in the writing of poems. It is from this great adventure that the poetic collection was born Nin Auass / Me the child, a bilingual anthology written in Innu-aimun and French. The exhibition presents certain texts and illustrations from this book published in 2021 (by Mémoire d’encrier).

Free visits to the exhibition are possible at any time. Laure Morali will, however, offer two short guided tours, Friday May 24 at 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. (reservations required, here).


For her part, Julie-Anne Codaire, co-author of the story In the head of Frédo, autisticwill propose a Story time followed by a coloring session. This Cantley resident, who is herself the mother of a son with autism and intellectual disabilities, specializes in teaching children with special needs.

After inviting her listeners to discover Frédo, “a lively teenager who loves the color turquoise, walks and… foldable baby beds!”, she will offer a drawing workshop on the theme of autism (three workshops ; reservations, here).

The Bouquinart bookstore and art gallery will offer a selection of children’s books on site.

All activities are free, but places are limited.


Note also that the Maison des arts littéraires will unveil, this May 25 in the afternoon, the list of spring and fall activities for its 2024 season. More details to come.


Information: SLO



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