Did we miss her wedding? In the United States, we celebrate our divorce

In the United States, celebrating your divorce has become so cool.Image: watson

“Divorce parties” are popular across the Atlantic, so much so that it is now a real business, with “divorce planners” and penis-shaped cakes. Immersed in a universe that resembles a bachelorette party through the eyes of a future American ex-bride.

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“OMG! This is the best day of my life!”, Kimberly managed to articulate between sobs in her dripping white double cream meringue dress. She smiles next to a cake about diabetes and cholesterol. Kimberly is happy to finally marry Cameron, a super hunky surgeon with a big car and teeth so white they glow in the dark.

For several months, in their chic suburbs, it was happiness. But Cameron starts coming home later and later from work. Kimberly figures it’s only because he’s working hard to give them a great vacation in San Cabo, Mexico.

When suddenly…

Coming home from her book club which ended early (Brook, Kelly and Josie having drunk margaritas instead of reading the book), Kimberly hears dishes breaking. On the stove, Cameron and that stupid nymphomaniac neighbor are in full action. So busy they dropped the gravy boat.

Bree Van De Kamp looked a lot like Kimberly before she freaked out.

Kimberly runs upstairs, picks up some things and, in anger, throws her wedding ring in Cameron’s face, knocking one of his too-white teeth. She gets in her car, puts Takin’ Back My Love by Ciara and Enrique Iglesias very strong and go for it. Far from this asshole. Gaslighting divorce.

Kimberly, the divorce and the party with the chippendales

Kimberly – don’t worry, she doesn’t exist, it’s an example from a sexist TV movie – therefore failed at her wedding (even if we all agree that the failure is Cameron and his asshole teeth). But that’s good because in the United States, celebrating your divorce has become so cool. So she organizes a “divorce party” to figuratively bury this asshole (even if, in her head, she buries him in the forest).

What does a divorce party look like? Let’s say that it’s a little less solemn than a wedding: most often, the family is not present. It is mostly women who treat themselves to such a party, and we find the codes of the bachelorette party there: the tiara made in China on the head and the “Just Divorced” scarf.

You can buy the same shit as Kimberly for only $16.99, yay!

You can buy the same shit as Kimberly for only $16.99, yay!Image: amazon

In these evenings, the girls have fun, laugh, try to help the divorcee to “forget this asshole” by sending each other shots and cake. Except that it is not a kitsch wedding cake with a plastic (or cardboard) couple at the top, but a bride who often decapitates a man.

Come on, ciao bastard.

Come on, ciao bastard.Image: dr

Among the chicest party girls, you can also find an equally chic variation: the cake with a cock on it, already very popular at hen parties.

We understand better why the family isn't invited, don't we?

We understand better why the family isn’t invited, don’t we?Image: reddit

Activities are also organized, such as ax throwing on the wedding dress, or a little trip to the Chippendales, just to complete the circle.

Why this party a hit in the United States?

Americans are the champions at turning any day into a big party. Visualize Halloween: pumpkins everywhere. What about during Thanksgiving? Turkeys everywhere. On Labor Day? Flags everywhere. And if THE party in which we spend all our savings remains the wedding, no wonder that divorce also becomes an opportunity to celebrate and make “I’m divorcing!” paper plates, “Divorced!” crowns, and “Divorced!” crowns. balloons, penis cakes…

Note that men also celebrate their divorce, but without putting as much glitter (or penis-cakes) on it. For the moment, these “divorce parties” remain more celebrated by the fairer sex.

A real businesswhat “succeed» his divorce

The little party doesn’t stop at a few balloons and a slice of penis cake. Just as there are wedding planners, there are professionals specializing in divorces. Companies which are responsible in particular for organizing the party and issuing gift lists, like for weddings, but with the things that will have to be purchased after the division of the goods.

They also take care of finding Kimberly and the other future divorcees a good lawyer. In the United States, divorces have also become such a business that many law firms pay to be listed with these “divorce planners” and to be part of the package.

But what purpose can these celebrations serve? According to organizers interviewed by France 2, they allow us to turn the page, marking the occasion to begin a new chapter. And also – an important point – to put aside the shame surrounding the failure of one’s union.

Because missing your wedding remains a taboo subject in many families. Even if the relationship is dead, the number of couples who stay together “for the children”, or to keep up appearances is not negligible, especially across the Atlantic.

A American specialty?

If celebrating your divorce with great fanfare has become so cool in the United States, Kimberly and the others do not have a monopoly: these events are very popular in other countries, such as in China, for example. But also in Mauritania, a country where Islam is the state religion. For the record, it is not uncommon to find, in this country in northwest Africa, people who have been married ten times.

Will we end up experiencing the same craze for these American-style “divorce parties” in Switzerland, with confetti, balloons and penis cakes? Maybe. Remember that just a few years ago, we didn’t celebrate Halloween, and we had never heard of Black Friday. For now, it’s the bachelorette party season that’s starting, followed by the wedding season… One thing after the other.

Do we like to follow trends, even the craziest ones?

Since we’re on the theme, do we like royal weddings around here?

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Do we like royal weddings around here?

The Princess and the Prince of Wales wave from their carriage on their wedding day, in this July 29, 1981 photo in London.

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