A series on “La Rebelle” George Sand filming in Loir-et-Cher

A series on “La Rebelle” George Sand filming in Loir-et-Cher
A series on “La Rebelle” George Sand filming in Loir-et-Cher

The miniseries “La Rebelle, the adventures of young George Sand” begins filming at the Château de Troussay, near Cheverny. The actress Nine d’Urso plays the writer at the beginning of her adult life, far from the cliché of “the old lady from Nohant”.

Long before The Devil’s Pondlong before “the old lady of Nohant surrounded by children” in Berry, George Sand was a free young woman. This part of the author’s life will soon be told in a four-episode miniseries: The Rebel, the adventures of young George Sand.

At the end of May, filming is taking place at the Château de Troussay, in Loir-et-Cher. This is where the scenes from the beginning of the series are filmed. When George Sand, also called Aurore Dupin, married and baroness, decides “to leave everything, to conquer a literary career when being a woman writer at the time was impossible, to conquer sexual freedom, and romantic freedom, because she reinvents divorce“, says Georges-Marc Bénamou.

Co-writer and producer of the series, he explains having “reread memoirs a lot“from the author for”find your voice“The result is a scenario”quite picaresque with lots of action, situations, characters“.

Nine d’Urso, 30, was cast as young George Sand, “an author I read a little when I was a teenager and young adult“, remembers the actress. Coming from the theater, the actress was recently seen performing a few lines in films by Lisa Azuelos and Xavier Legrand. She will be appearing in June in Out of time by Olivier Assayas, presented at the Berlin festival.

For her, playing George Sand means feeling “the enormous weight of the real person“, a woman “more modern than you think” And “out of time“, notably through her feminist struggles at a time when feminism did not exist.

She still speaks to us today. What she brought to her time is still necessary. When we see how complicated it is to leave your husband, to file a complaint at the police station, all the complaints for rape that do not reach trial… As long as women are not heard, we will have to continue.

Other “weight“on the shoulders of the actress, the one”of the character played by others, like Juliette Binoche in Children of the centurywe can’t do better…“And faced with the observation that she doesn’t have”not natural authority“of the real George Sand,”quite severe and sure of his opinions“, Nine d’Urso decided to “catch it by more fragile corners, and by humor, without obviously making it a clown“.

The miniseries received financial support from the Centre-Val de Loire region and the regional agency Ciclic, to the tune of 350,000 euros in total. Enough to convince the production to settle, for a time, in Loir-et-Cher (the filming could not take place in Nohant-Vic). “These are accommodation and tourist benefits… It brings in to residents about five times what we put in as public money.“, defends the president (PS) of the region, François Bonneau.

For the moment, no specific release date has been announced. The series should land among viewers of France 2 during the year 2025.



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