The short film celebrated at Cégep de Saint-Félicien

With the sequined costumes, the chic clothes and the eccentric photo booth, the Hôtel du Jardin took on the appearance of a film festival on Wednesday evening, while the students of the Cégep de Saint-Félicien had made every effort to promote the fruit of their work.

“It’s an event to present the films that students have made during the year,” says Boran Richard, a teacher in the Arts, Letters and Communication (ALC) program at Cégep de Saint-Félicien. It’s also a way to celebrate the great work they have accomplished.”

As part of their ALC journey, students learn the basics of traditional animation techniques, such as stop motiondrawing, puppetry and animation, adds Boran Richard.


Boran Richard, a teacher in the Arts, Letters and Communication (ALC) program at Cégep de Saint-Félicien. (Guillaume Roy/Le Quotidien)

“Most have never touched a camera before arriving at CEGEP and we are trying to sow a new passion,” he says.

The result is quite impressive, because the films presented demonstrate impressive rigor. This was particularly the case in the context of the film Pasticheproduced by all the first year students of the program, who reproduced nearly five minutes of Charlie Chaplin films in stop motion with Playmobil figures.

(Editing of animations produced by Arts, Letters and Communication students at Cégep de Saint-Félicien between 2018 and 2023)

“I have always been interested in cinema and it was in CEGEP that I learned filmmaking techniques,” notes Lydia Lalancette, a second year student in the program. “It’s an extraordinary chance that we have to make cinema like that, and especially animated cinema,” she says, specifying that it is only in Saint-Félicien that one can learn this technique. in the college network.


Lydia Lalancette, 2nd year student and director of two films presented at Cinéclap. (Guillaume Roy/Le Quotidien)

The latter, who presented two films focusing on humor during the Cinéclap, namely Idée d’marde and Je t’aime Tommy, chose to continue her studies in literature, but cinema remains an art that she wishes to explore in the future.

“It’s our event of the year. We look forward to it and it’s really fun to be able to present our films in front of so many people,” she says.

The atmosphere was festive at the Hôtel du Jardin, filled to capacity, with more than 280 people present for the event. This is also the first time that the event is presented at this location, to accommodate a larger crowd, notes Boran Richard.

>>>Marie-Laurence Simard, a 1st year student who directed the film Falling into the Panel.>>>

Marie-Laurence Simard, a 1st year student who directed the film Falling into the Panel. (Guillaume Roy/Le Quotidien)

“We learned so much about cinema, which is a very broad field,” remarks Marie-Laurence Simard, a first-year student who directed the film. Fall into the trap.

“From the script to the finished film, it’s really a lot of work. And even when the film is finished, we can still work on lots of little details,” she notes.

And the winners are…

As part of Cinéclap, the videos were judged by three professional jurors from the cinema industry, namely Claudia Chabot, general director of Bande Sonimage, Anaë Bilodeau, animation filmmaker from Studio Laps and Bogdan Stefan, filmmaker and writer.

The best film prize was awarded to Léonie Savard, for Antifunctionalwhile the best animation prize was awarded to Joey Morin and Marie-Laurence Simard for Fall into the trap.

>>>A quirky photo booth was set up for the event.>>>

A quirky photo booth was set up for the event. (Guillaume Roy/Le Quotidien)

The award for best screenplay went to Crush’ingby Leslie-Anne Boucher, Alejandro Gardia Martinez, Claire-Clémence Ferchaud and Maude Nolet and the best editing went to shit ideaby Ève-Marie Bouchard, Meggan Grenon and Lydia Lalancette.

The public prizes were awarded to shit idea And Antifunctional. The films Cherry Red and Intermixed also received mentions, respectively for animation and photo direction.



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