Open letter to Ahizoun, president of the Mawazine Festival, urging him to insert Salah Cherki in the Oum Kaltoum hologram

“I have the honor and pleasure to send you this open letter to tell you about my late father, the great musician whom you greatly appreciate, the artist musician, composer and virtuoso of KANOUN: Salah CHERKI I would first like congratulate you on this brilliant idea, to revive La Diva Oum KALTOUM, who will be present in hologram in the 2024 edition of the Mawazine festival.

Proud as a son and as a Moroccan, allow me, Mr. President of Mawazine, to suggest that the artist Musician, virtuoso of KANOUN, Salah CHERKI also be present on the occasion of the hologram of Diva Oum KALTOUM.

Mr. President of the Maroc Cultures Association I will try to convince you of the appropriateness of this proposal, specifying that the Kingdom of Morocco can be proud of the fact that the only non-Egyptian Arab composer musician for whom the Diva Oum KALTOUM declaimed a religious song is a Moroccan.

This unique event in the history of Moroccan music resulted in the fact that Diva Oum KALTOUM sang in Marrakech, the religious song composed by the Moroccan musician Salah Cherki, يارسول الله خذ بيدي Oh! prophet, guide my hand.

And I allow myself, Mr. President of the Mawazine festival, to recall that the virtuoso of KANOUN, Salah Cherki (1923-2011) is considered the indisputable master of this beautiful instrument that is the Kanoun.

Mr. The president of Mawazine Salah CHERKI is one of the founders of the first music orchestra of Moroccan Radio Television, in 1958, under the aegis of its Director at the time, the futurologist Mehdi El MENJRA.

Salah CHERKI, disciple of the school of Andalusian Music of Maalem ZNIBER, excelled in several genres of music in Morocco: Andalusian music, Moroccan music of oriental inspiration, Malhoun, Jazz, Chamber music at the Western (Kanoun + guitar.).

Salah CHERKI is the author of the first manual for learning the kANOUN instrument in the 1960s, published in Arabic and French. Since then, he has written several books on Music.

The last is a beautiful work of 400 pages “Moroccan Music, rich and diverse heritage”. Salah CHERKI achieved the feat of touring the world solo or with the trio he created “TRIO El Maoucelli”, Kanoun and two guitars.

Salah CHERKI was one of the ambassadors of Moroccan culture in the world. A postal stamp of the Kingdom of Morocco is illustrated by the personal kanoun of Salah CHERKI.

Finally, Mr. Abdeslam AHIZOUN, president of Mawazine, it is with great emotion that I remember a historical fact: The Late King Hassan II, may God have him in His holy mercy, loved to listen to the Kanoun of Salah Cherki at within the Royal Palace.

Mr. President of Mawazine and Maroc Cultures There are so many historical and patriotic arguments as well as emotional and sentimental reasons which prompted me to write this plea in the form of an open letter, firstly as a proud Moroccan. of his country’s cultural heritage and then, as a loving son concerned with preserving the memory of his father who deserves to be included in this beautiful tribute to the eternal Egyptian diva.

By Dr Anwar CHERKAOUI, son of the artist Salah CHERKI



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