Dua Lipa had to change a choreography after “slipping” on her dancers’ sweat

Sharon Stone believes her acting career has slowed down because of ageism in the film world.

The “Basic Instinct” actress, who celebrated her 66th birthday in March, added that as she gets older, the roles she is offered are limited to small, cliché roles.

She told The Times: People would like to say: ‘You’re too old, you can’t do this or that.’ It’s a little difficult to get me to play the role of the grandmother. It would be easier to cast me as the lawyer, judge or policewoman – so they don’t really know what to do with someone like me. I still haven’t regained my acting career. I would really like to work again – and not just in a weak role, a supporting role or a stupid role. I would really like to have the roles that I deserve and that I can play. I would really like to find my real career again. I would really like to get my life back.”

Sharon’s stroke more than 20 years ago led to a nine-day brain hemorrhage.

She was living in San Francisco with her then-husband Phil Bronstein and their adopted son Roan Joseph Bronstein when she was struck by the illness.

Doctors gave her a one percent chance of survival, and Sharon said: “I knew it was serious when I found myself on the ground, unable to get up, and I continued to call for help, without success.”

She adds that the stroke ended her career: “There was no way I could continue playing. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t read… ( …) It took me seven years to truly get over it and I lost custody of my child, lost my career and lost $15 million – everything I had. – in alimony and court costs, so I didn’t really bounce back and experience a rebirth.

“I would really like to have my life back. I didn’t bounce back and it’s not a wonderful story. It would be great if it was, but it’s not. I survived.”



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