200 years after its construction, the town hall of Castelsarrasin will be celebrating

200 years after its construction, the town hall of Castelsarrasin will be celebrating
200 years after its construction, the town hall of Castelsarrasin will be celebrating

the essential
The festivities to mark the bicentenary of the construction of the town hall will mark the end of the month in Castelsarrasin (Tarn-et-Garonne), including a major concert at Place de la Liberté on May 31.

It is therefore on Friday May 31 that the municipality of Castelsarrasin launches the festivities for the bicentenary of the town hall, built in 1824. They will begin on the Place de la Liberté where the municipal building which is 200 years old was built. of existence. To open this festive, cultural, folkloric, gastronomic and historical time, the municipality has chosen to offer a concert at Place de la Liberté.

300 singers

For the latter, she chose “Dogora”, a great work by Etienne Perruchon for mixed choir, children’s choir and symphony orchestra, under the musical direction of Jean-Pierre Berrié, with the Ensemble vocal de Castelsarrasin, the vocal group Ado, the orchestra of the Castelsarrasin music school, with the help of the Olympe orchestra and the participation of the schools of Castelsarrasin, Jules-Ferry, Marie-Curie, Notre-Dame, Sabine-Sicaud, school group of Courbieu, Cloutiers school group and with the collaboration of school teachers from the town, i.e. 300 choristers and musicians to perform this masterpiece.
“Dogora”, kesaco? It is a great work by Etienne Perruchon, in Dogorian, an invented, incomprehensible language, from an imaginary country, with strong emotional power, the missing link between pop music and classical music.

Artistic pretext to talk about Humanity

The profoundly popular character of these Dogorian songs brings to the surface roots common to all, singers or musicians, creating a real pleasure of singing in this language. The author was able to highlight the timbre of children’s voices and the emotion released. “Dogora” is a great contemporary work, an artistic pretext to talk about Humanity; a communion between artists of all ages, amateurs and professionals. Rehearsals have been intensive since May 7 to adjust the songs with lyrics that are sometimes difficult to pronounce and refine the rhythms with the instrumentalists.
We can recall here that Etienne Perruchon, who died in 2019 at only 60 years old, is known for having composed numerous film scores, including “Libretto”, “La guerre des misses”, “Finally widow” or “Les Bronzés 3” .

Bicentennial flavors

Other festivities are planned, such as the exhibition “On My Town Formerly” with its opening on June 1, at 6 p.m., at the CADD, sensory experiences, the history of the Place de la Liberté with a conference by Bernard Ouardes , cuisines and flavors of the bicentenary, the town hall and its place from the origins to the present day, unusual guided tours. In short, this bicentenary will be marked as it should be and will remain, without a doubt, a great moment in the recent history of the sub-prefecture town.



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