[VIDÉOS] “Get me out of here!”: Philippe Laprise discovered his adventurous and go-getter sides in Panama

Philippe Laprise almost made it among the three finalists of the second season of Get me out of here!. But as he was the one who did the worst in the elimination challenge, the comedian was excluded from the game on Sunday, propelling Clodine Desrochers, Dave Morissette and Rosalie Vaillancourt to the grand final.

Like other campers, the experience of Get me out of here! – the show has also been renewed for a third season, we learned on Sunday – will have been transformative for the last camp leader, who has just celebrated his 48th birthday.

Philippe Laprise was eliminated during the 12th episode of the 2nd season of “Get Me Out of Here!”, just before the finale.


“The challenges stirred up a lot of things in me which were as if stuck to the walls of my soul, of my heart, of my life,” said Philippe, a bit poetically.

“I realized that underneath all this kind of filth, there was an even more beautiful human, a man who is capable of going for it, of moving forward and who has a taste for adventure. This clean-up allowed me to rediscover myself. It seems like I need to listen more to my desires, to my needs.”

Philippe was even camp leader after Clodine Desrochers.


The one who is currently touring with his show Why not surpassed himself in Panama and he is proud to have been “able to put one knee to the ground when it was too much” for him.

Sleeping under the stars, heat, snakes…

From the start, he went with a catch because he was afraid of sleeping under the stars in the jungle.
“When friends found out I went on the show, they couldn’t believe it. Princess Laprise who goes to the jungle to sleep outside, the guy who doesn’t like camping… I’m extremely proud of everything I’ve accomplished, always keeping my sense of humor and giving me ‘fun’.”

Philippe Laprise had to wear a brace after hurting his right knee.


The heat also hurt him, as did one of his knees, but he had fun from start to finish.

The comedian, who played for his foundation (Philippe Laprise – Completely ADHD), experienced strong emotions from the start by crossing two sections of the same skyscraper in Panama City on a steel cable, installed very high in the air, and he ended the experience in style in a bunker invaded by snakes.

“The three big yellow boas turned towards me at the same time in the bunker and were looking at me. I tell you, for real, I felt like a chicken! I was going to get eaten,” laughed Philippe, who is also forever associated with Patricia Paquin’s incredible entry into material, also with snakes.

Travel differently

“Another thing that Get me out of here! brought me is that I want to travel differently. I no longer want to necessarily go to an all-inclusive. I like to travel backpacking, to visit less touristy areas, to be more adventurous.”

Philippe Laprise more than 160 meters in the air during the very first challenge of the second season, not in the jungle, but in the heart of Panama City. Dizzy!


Philippe will even raise his hand if the show offers a season bringing together former campers, in a formula All Stars. “I already told the gang that it’s clear I’ll be there!”

Get me out of here!…but not right away at Escape

Remember that Philippe Laprise will co-host the show with his friend Dave Morissette Get me out of here!…but not right away, an extension of their experience in Panama. Starting May 27, at 8 p.m., on Évasion, they will do a host of activities and will welcome Clodine Desrochers, Patricia Paquin, Alex Perron and Gildor Roy.

Philippe Laprise and Dave Morissette are back in Panama for “Get Me Out of Here!…but not right away.”


“Since Panama, Dave and I have been cycling together and going out to eat regularly. We want to do shows. We are able to tell each other the real things. To speak dryly to each other sometimes, to speak softly, to always maintain this line of friendship which is extraordinary. We both grew up in the adventure. Returning to Panama for Évasion created even stronger bonds.”

All episodes of Get me out of here! are available for catch-up on TVA+.



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