Night Butterflies Festival 2024: mutual aid on the site

Night Butterflies Festival 2024: mutual aid on the site
Night Butterflies Festival 2024: mutual aid on the site


Auria Boukar

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May 19, 2024 at 11:39 p.m.

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After the cancellation of the Papillons de nuit 2024 festival in Saint-Laurent-de-Cuves, the campers had to turn back. Very quickly, solidarity was organized on the site to get the stuck vehicles out.

Sunday May 19, around 12 p.m., the campers packed their bags under the sun. The cancellation has been announced and departures are taking place slowly with the sun. A group from Saint-Lô expressed their disappointment: “We arrived on Thursday. We had planned to do the three days,” says one of them. Before leaving, festival-goers came to the alcohol screening stand run by Mayor Franck Esnouf.

As for the motorhomes, the outing promises to be more difficult, but that’s not without taking into account the mutual assistance with the tractors lent by local farmers like Francis. This is the case with Francis, he is the man for the job. With his agricultural machinery and a chain, he pulled out the caravans stuck under the mud all day.

Opposite the volunteer parking lot, a group of friends go to the festival every year. This is the case for Samy, a regular for 15 years, who sees the festival “like a big family. » Every year, it’s the ritual, he goes there to have fun until the end of the night.

Public support

Despite the cancellation, the joy and good atmosphere remain on the site. They even have a totem that is their unofficial festival mascot. Despite the unprecedented cancellation, he has good memories of these three days. “Rainy festival, but happy festival! », he concludes.

Some festival-goers have decided to support the ROC en Baie association, organizer of the P2N festival, by deciding not to be reimbursed for their tickets. “We are going to leave them with support, because we want the festival to come back next year,” he explains.

On social networks, too, we can see a wave of comforting messages: “Courage everyone, we are donating our seats to you. Congratulations to the teams who did their best,” writes Elise. “Good luck to the organizers, all this work put in to be stopped so suddenly,” adds Séverine.

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