Selena Gomez’s French interlude


Selena Gomez poses for photographers before the screening of the film “Emilia Perez”, by Jacques Audiard, on May 19, 2024, in Cannes. SAMEER AL-DOUMY/AFP

A woman clicks her high heels on the panoramic terrace of the Marriott hotel – one of the most popular on the Croisette. She got stuck in the base, without a badge or luggage, dodging several security barriers. She takes out her phone and immediately films the scene before her, before a colossus stops her in her tracks: Madam, what are you doing here? – I am a makeup artist… – Who do you work with? – Um, with… Sébastien. – There is no Sébastien here. Get out. » The Instagrammer insists, the bittern does not swallow her cracks, and unceremoniously rejects her.

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Which Grail, exactly, had she come to admire? Selena Gomez, 31 years old, 428 million followers on Instagram, incidentally actress, singer, activist. On this resplendent May 18, we were more polished than the huntress of stories : the good fairies of the promotion gave us ten minutes, top time, face-to-face with the American.

She will essentially use them to say the greatest good about the musical Emilia Perezthe tenth feature film by Jacques Audiard (in competition), in which she plays one of the main roles. “I discovered Jacques’ cinema with From Rust and Bone (2012), she slides gently. Since then, I have seen all his films. He is a filmmaker of great intelligence, deep, funny sometimes, who does not hesitate to try new things. It is very refreshing. »

Careful words, calm voice

Red and white Beaumont dress with floral patterns, impeccably tied ponytail, discreet makeup, her outfit is more sober than that of the grieving wife she portrays on screen – a busty blonde dyed Latina, wearing the mourning of her drug trafficker husband. “This woman, very naive at the beginning, is transformed by the terrible loss she suffersconfides Selena Gomez about this character, unaware that, if her husband pretended to be dead, it was to better change sex. She searches for herself, forgets the love she felt for him, goes off the rails. Beneath a tough exterior, she hides great vulnerability. I didn’t go through what she went through, but I loved performing it. »

The words are weighed, the voice calm. For several years, from documentaries to conferences, in the mainstream media as well as on her social networks, the young woman has exposed her fragilities – the physiological and psychological disorders induced by her kidney transplant, in 2017, in particular. Very old flaws, for some: revealed, like other stars of his generation, by the Disney team (the series The Wizards of Waverly Place2007-2013), Selena Gomez has been in the spotlight since childhood.

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