Kévin Costner presents Horizon at the Cannes Film Festival: “In Hollywood, the studios didn’t want to finance my western”

Kévin Costner presents Horizon at the Cannes Film Festival: “In Hollywood, the studios didn’t want to finance my western”
Kévin Costner presents Horizon at the Cannes Film Festival: “In Hollywood, the studios didn’t want to finance my western”

The American star presents his new western at the Cannes Film Festival Horizon, an epic saga. We met him.

This Sunday at the end of the afternoon, under a beautiful sun, the numerous public flocked to the steps of the Palais, in Cannes, to try to catch a glimpse of Kevin Costner. A first for the 69-year-old American star.

Despite his brilliant career, the famous interpreter of Eliott Ness in The Untouchables by Brian de Paul, by prosecutor Jim Garrison in JFK by Oliver Stone, or the Bodyguard by Whitney Houston had never had the opportunity to walk the Red Carpet of the largest film festival in the world.

Not to mention, his role as Lieutenant John Dunbar of Dancing with the wolves (1990), a western in which he was the actor, director, producer, and for which he received seven Oscars including that of directing. It is precisely for his new western entitled Horizon, an American saga, lasting three hours, of which he is presenting the first part (outside official competition) that Kevin Costner stayed in Cannes this weekend.

A serial form

A film which recounts thirty decisive years in the history of the United States before and after the Civil War, through the conquest of the West and the massacre of the Indian populations by pioneers from Europe. A very ambitious project that he treats with great humanity, in a serial form, playing on both time and space.

A long work which will be the subject of four films in total! Horizon 1 will be released in France on July 3. Horizon 2, September 11th. Saturday afternoon, in a suite at the Carlton, the palace on La Croisette, he received the French and international press. A promotion carried out with a bang, certainly, but which the actor ensures with energy and relaxation.

Graying hair, thin mustache, elegant in a beige suit, brown moccasins, he answers questions straight. Costner had long dreamed of filming Horizon. “This project was really close to my heart. I started writing the script in 1998. I was ready to shoot it in 2003. But in Hollywood, the studios didn’t want to finance my westernconfides the star. So it was a huge disappointment when they let me go. I then decided to continue fighting alone to complete the project. To the point that I imagined that Horizon would be available in four films (filming of the third part begins in Utah on June 6). As I was having difficulty finding funding, I raised funds, and I put in some of my own money to make up the budget.”

At least $50 million of his personal fortune in the project

Kevin Costner, producer, is said to have swallowed $50 million of his personal fortune.“Maybe more, he indicates. In any case, this is the price to pay to be completely free. I’m not the only one who does this. This is what Francis Ford Coppola did to create his Megalopolis ($120 million).

Kevin Costner, director of the excellent western Open Range (2003) which he had directed, rediscovers this cinematic genre which always seems to obsess him. “With Horizon, whose action begins in 1859, I want to give my personal vision of the Conquest of the West. And tell the story of America whose creation was tragic through characters, the Native Americans, us -even the colonists from Europe, also highlighting the women who have never been talked about much in the cinema. Six of my actresses are accompanying me to Cannes.”

And to add: “I wanted to show how violence and war, it must be admitted, are at the heart of our History. When people arrived from Europe they believed that these territories were virgin. But the Native Americans had lived there since centuries. To settle down, they displaced them, then massacred them. Our country was then built on weapons. It was a question of life and death to have a gun and a horse.

Kevin Costner is inexhaustible about the West, the real West, which he loves so much. The proof with the television series Yellowstone, recently abandoned following disagreements with production. This is also why Costner filmed a documentary behind the scenes ofHorizon. And the star concludes: “I’m really proud to be in Cannes with my western. I hope that the public will go see it in the cinemas.”



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