I watched “Super Rich in Korea” and it froze me

Super Rich in Korea has been available since May 7 on Netflix.

This Netflix reality show follows a group of wealthy people living in South Korea. They flaunt their wealth and do not hesitate to give the price of everything they own.

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Armored people who flaunt their fortune like caviar on a blini, this has been one of Netflix’s niches for several years. There have been Bling Empire in Los Angeles, Dubai Bling in Dubai and now there is Super Rich in Korea (Super Rich in Korea), based mainly in Seoul. We follow the lives of a group of people for whom the saying “To live happily, live hidden” does not exist. On the contrary, some of them go so far as to give the price of each object they own.

This is the case of David Yong, a Singaporean who only travels by jet “to save time”, who drives a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce and buys apartments for several million, just by taking out his credit card, an American Express. black which has no ceiling. David says it himself: he’s handsome, he’s cool and he’s proud to be part of the richest 1% in Singapore.

For someone who has money beyond knowing what to do with it, this businessman knows the price of everything he owns and he says it loud and clear: his apartment in Seoul costs him 14,000 francs per month, “not much”, he has a speaker for 53,000 francs and when he is hungry, he calls the room service in his building where he can, for example, order a fried egg for 12 francs or a porridge for 40 francs.

“I love shopping. One day, I spent 26,000 francs on jewelry.

Well done David.

Be careful, there are worse things. A certain Yoo Hee-Ra will give you cold sweats. This influencer, the only South Korean on the show, lives with her parents at 25 but as she explains, “the ground floor belongs to me” and “my dressing room is bigger than my bedroom”.

I watched “Super Rich in Korea” and it froze me

The influencer is a customer ambassador. She represents luxury brands for South Korea. Here she is at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show in July 2023 alongside Kim Kardashian. instagram

You guessed it, her passion is fashion. With her headbands and little girl looks, she looks like a mix between Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl and Barbie. She has amazing releases like:

“I never wear the same outfit twice. It’s a lack of respect for the clothes.”

She plays the arrogant bitch who hides behind a smile and an innocent voice and it’s a little scary.

A weakly animated show

Unlike other reality shows of this type, in Super Rich in Korea, we are surprised from the first seconds of the first episode by three presenters sitting on golden thrones in a palace that is far too lit. They look at the same images as us and comment on them. It’s a little disconcerting, especially since they don’t bring much to the show other than acting as a surprise every time one of the personalities says something stupid like: “I’m not putting anything in my purse or maybe just a lip gloss.”

I watched “Super Rich in Korea” and it froze me

BamBam is a rapper and actor, Jo Se-ho is a comedian and Mimi is a singer and actress. All three are well-known personalities in South Korea.Image: netflix

They also applaud when a certain Kim Anna, a Pakistani who has lived in South Korea for twenty years, lists the number of houses she owns in Pakistan. Kim Anna is the other alien on the show. She literally lives on a planet where her pets are lion cubs and her properties are surrounded by heavily armed guards. Seeing the images of the baby lions, the animators can’t help but let out an “Aaaawwww!” in heart without one of them wondering what these cute balls of fur will become when they are old enough to tear off a leg.

The teaser:

In this first season of six episodes, there is no storyline, no confusion, no drama. The personalities chosen by Netflix don’t know each other and spend way too much time showing us around their dressing room and garage. And if the goal is to sell South Korea and make people dream, it’s a failure. We are shown very little of the country and that is a shame. We look Super Rich in Korea like we watch a car accident on the highway, an unhealthy curiosity that has the effect of a shot of coke: at the end of each episode, we blame ourselves and tell ourselves that we wouldn’t have due, but let’s start again.

Super Rich in Korea has been available since May 7 on Netflix.

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