Eric Thill pays tribute to the Luxembourg film industry on the Croisette

Eric Thill pays tribute to the Luxembourg film industry on the Croisette
Eric Thill pays tribute to the Luxembourg film industry on the Croisette

Here, we discuss the films in competition, there a future project, while in front of the Luxembourg pavilion, directly on the sandy beach of Cannes, we make a few more acquaintances. The sun is shining and the festival atmosphere intensifies with each light breeze that passes through the palm fronds.

Saturday, as part of the Croisette Film Festival, the traditional Luxembourg meeting took place on the country’s stand. The Minister of Culture Eric Thill also made the trip to Cannes to celebrate Luxembourg cinema with film professionals from the Grand Duchy. Finally, since December 2023, the Luxembourg Film Fund has been budgetarily managed by the Ministry of Culture.

As in previous years, Luxembourg will once again be strongly represented at Cannes in 2024. The Films Fauves co-production “All We Imagine as Light” competes with 21 other films for the Palme d’Or and the VR production “The Roaming”, co-produced by Wild Fang Films, is featured in the new “Immersive Competition.” Another VR production, “Missing Pictures” (Wild Fang Films), is presented outside the competition, which focuses on “virtual reality”. And the two animated films “Slocum et Moi” (Mélusine Productions) as well as “Angelo in the Mysterious Forest” (Zeilt Productions) will also be presented on the Croisette.

Desire for greater financial support

This not only proves that Luxembourg cinema is increasingly recognized internationally. It is also a reason to be proud of the Luxembourg film industry, as Guy Daleiden, director of the Film Fund, and Eric Thill highlighted during a speech at the pavilion. The Minister of Culture has clearly expressed on several occasions the importance he attaches to the diversity of the cultural landscape, to which the Luxembourg film sector makes a decisive contribution.

This is why he insisted that the Film Fund be placed under the budgetary supervision of the Ministry of Culture. Eric Thill discussed the budgetary increases already announced for the Film Fund and announced that a “Conference” on Luxembourg cinema will take place on September 20.

The Luxembourg film sector is undergoing rapid change, but it also faces certain challenges, as several speeches delivered on Saturday showed. The director of the Film Fund, Guy Daleiden, explained this to the Luxemburger Wort: “After the pandemic, everything became more expensive, like in many areas; prices have increased, and with the indexation brackets, salaries too. This means that currently there is no more money available to shoot films, as was still the case before the pandemic. It is for this reason that an increase in the budget was requested, so that the Luxembourg film sector can continue to work at the same level.

In addition, we would like to shoot in a cleaner, therefore more sustainable way. And here too, we are thinking about how to approach this subject.

Guy Daleiden

Director of the Film Fund

In this context, the Film Fund has increasingly focused on diversity, for example when it comes to genre films such as VR productions. “New technologies continue to evolve. We too must and want to follow suit. And as there is now a demand to be present in the gaming sector, this also requires additional financial resources. In addition, we would like to shoot in a cleaner, i.e. more sustainable, way. And there too, we are thinking about how to proceed,” explains Guy Daleiden.

Possibility of emergence of new projects

Around thirty films are produced each year in Luxembourg and presence at international festivals such as the Berlinale or the Cannes Film Festival is simply essential. For young filmmakers like Lukas Grevis or actresses like Clara Hertz, these meetings are also an opportunity to make new contacts.

Clara Hertz, who is among this year’s Film Fund Scholars alongside Valérie Bodson, Anne Brionne, Sarah Boleslava, Lukas Grevis, Julien Becker, Eric Lamhène and Simon Farmakas, greatly appreciates this opportunity. “In fact, I had always promised myself that I would come to Cannes the day I played in a film presented here,” jokes the actress.

Minister of Culture Eric Thill not only visited the Luxembourg pavilion, he also toured the entire festival site. Here, for example, at the Cineum – the cinema where VR productions are also presented. © PHOTO: Thibaut Demeyer / Film Fund Luxembourg

She also uses the festival primarily to network, but also to watch films. And who knows, maybe this is how one of his future projects will see the light of day.

This article was originally published on the website of Luxemburger Wort.

Adaptation: Megane Kambala



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