take the song to the streets

A priori, it was a Saturday afternoon like any other in Châteauroux. Noises of cities, horns of a new marriage, discussions on café terraces… But as long as we approach the media library, the chapel of the Redemptorists, Equinoxe or the Saint-Martial church, we smells something different in the air. Or rather: we hear.

Texts and melodies offered to the public

The Festival of Voice inhabits all these corners at the same time. The choirs follow one another and it is each time, in addition to the repertoire offered, a joy that we read on the faces of the singers: that of these melodies and texts, offered to the clusters of public which form here and there.

From popular to sacred

Approximately every three-quarters of an hour, one group follows the other while the first goes off to sing elsewhere. Hélix (three women and two men from Nièvre) invade the Saint-Martial church in the middle of the afternoon. What better place to discover them?

Les Passantes in a cabaret mode at the Redemptorist chapel.
© (Photo NR, YB)

Drawing simultaneously on the sounds of the sacred and popular tunes, we no longer know in which box to place them. No matter: it is clearly not the intellect that they are addressing, but the heart.

The fifteen singers of La P’tite Rouge de Touraine, all dressed in black and red, explore a completely different register: that of songs born from social, feminist and antimilitarist struggles. They sit at the Café Équinoxe while in the neighboring chapel, also dressed in red but in a more “cabaret” fashion, the Passantes intone: “We are the shell-turners, the kids of the poilus. »

Everywhere, songs

Ten minutes later, upstairs in the media library, we hear: “But when I have the pleasure of touching your freckles with my fingertips, I would spend hours there. » The dozen singers of Camarilla and their two guitarists offer some good swing songs!

La P’tite Rouge de Touraine: songs born from social and feminist uvulas.
© (Photo NR, YB)

We sing everywhere, at every moment: it’s the off of the Festival of the Voice and this Saturday, it had another nice surprise in store: “The Sung Walk”. Meet at 4 p.m. at Saint-André Church. The Unio female trio was there for a first song inherited from the popular Nièvre repertoire then a Corsican vocal trio (and yes, women also sing on the Isle of Beauty!).

Return the song to the streets

These two pieces past, on the way to the streets of Châteauroux: the girls from Unio have been staying there for a week, they have identified a few places for their acoustic qualities. “Give the song back to the street”, they summarize.

First stop Cour Saint-Luc. They climb onto the benches, their voices resonate against the facades of the buildings, people open their windows to listen and when the song is finished, they join in the applause from this height. Gorgeous !

The Hélix choir, from Nièvre, has taken over the Saint-Martial church.

The Hélix choir, from Nièvre, has taken over the Saint-Martial church.
© (Photo NR, YB)

Millimeter polyphonies, a breathtaking sense of crescendo and the joy of offering this immaterial present, readable on their faces. Head to Les Cordeliers now. After this suspended, poetic and somewhat timeless interlude, the city returns to its daily hustle and bustle. Between each site, we chat with the artists. No barrier between the stage and the room… for the simple reason that there is none. A very nice initiative!

On the program for Sunday

Concerts in (prices from €8 to €18):

> 11:30 a.m., Noirlac Abbey, InChorus;

> 4:30 p.m., Culan village hall, I love you;

> 4:30 p.m., Levroux collegiate church, Unio;

> 5 p.m., Equinox: Vocal Sampling.

Off concerts (free): all day, at Café Équinoxe, Redemptorist chapel, MLC Belle-Isle, Saint-Martial church…

Information on www.festivaldelavoixchateauroux.fr



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