Bilal Hassani debuts at the cinema in “The Queens of Drama”

Bilal Hassani debuts at the cinema in “The Queens of Drama”
Bilal Hassani debuts at the cinema in “The Queens of Drama”

With this feature film by Alexis Langlois, the singer tries his hand at comedy in the role of a hysterical and obsessive fan.

For his first role, Bilal Hassani impresses in Drama Queensscreened at Cannes, a crazy, queer and punk film, where he portrays, over 50 years, a transfixed fan of a pop diva who has become a YouTuber-destroyer.

This feature film, presented in Critics’ Week, allows Bilal Hassani “to open this door as an actor”, he confided to AFP on a beach in Cannes on Saturday May 18. But above all he takes a “great honor from being part of this story” written and directed by Alexis Langlois, a non-binary filmmaker.

“When I started writing six years ago, I discovered Bilal on YouTube where he talked about his coming out and how it went badly in college and I said to myself that YouTubers are a bit like the storytellers of our time”, explains Alexis Langlois, seated next to the singer.

“I said yes straight away”

That’s good, Bilal Hassani was a fan of the short film at the time Terror, my sisters! by Alexis Langlois. The two artists then made contact via the networks. It is the producer of Alexis Langlois who is campaigning for Bilal Hassani to play the major role in the film.

“When Alexis called me, my psychologist advised me to do a little theater to separate myself a little from (the star) Bilal Hassani”, continues the singer, who has just left Alter ego, new single. “Alexis met me and presented the film to me, I said yes straight away and when I read the script, I laughed a lot, cried, I shook.”

France’s representative at Eurovision 2019 experienced the filming as “child’s play”. This 1h55 film flies like a meteor with references that range from cartoons to fantasy cinema of the 1970s. Without forgetting a soundtrack which notably features a provocative electro grenade pulled out by Rebeka Warrior.

“Let off some steam by being obnoxious”

It is particularly tasty to see Bilal Hassani play a hysterical YouTuber, driven by bad intentions, knowing that he himself was the victim of online hatred.

The singer sees “no parallel or mirror” with his life, but took the opportunity to “let off some steam by being obnoxious”. “This character who is a fan of a singer suffers from loneliness and because of that becomes a bit of a monster, we can’t totally blame him,” describes the singer-songwriter.

He too was a “fan who took refuge in the love for his idols”: “I didn’t leave my room for four days when Michael Jackson died.” “I already had a fan who slept on his doormat, it’s a bit complicated, but no big deal,” he concludes.

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